Wrong Spelling Mistakes in Bangla can be ‘Correct’ with AI


    It is a learning system and information-based software that works together. It is assisted by artificial intelligence. The extensive datasets and models are utilized for future development when the application is adequately established.

    Whether it’s an email, blog post, or social media update, writing clearly and properly is crucial in the realm of online communication. The written communication should be clear, engaging, and accurate. This is especially true for a language like Bengali, which is spoken by millions of people globally but lacks the digital tools necessary to sustain it.

    This deficiency then became accepted as “correct”. It is a cloud-based writing tool for Bengali speakers that will alter the history of Bengali writing as it is known now. Grammarly and other widely used writing programs will check for and repair problems in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and writing clarity, among other things.

    Bengali language has its own norms and restrictions, many of which are challenging for even native speakers and experienced authors. While English authors have access to a wide variety of digital tools, Bengali writers have not yet had access to anything like. This void has been filled by Right. This program scans Bengali text and looks for probable problems using machine learning methods. The correct person can always enhance the quality of writing with the right assistance, regardless of whether the issue is with spelling, verb tense, or punctuation.

    Correct is essentially a by-product of the ICT Department’s Enhancement of Bangla Language in ICT or Enhancement of Bengali Language in ICT initiative run by Bangladesh Computer. Since 2017, this government program has been in operation. Specifically, work on the “spell checker” functionality began in 2019. The goal of this initiative is to improve Bengali and provide it a unique place in global media.

    Eliminating all barriers to Bengali language writing and publication is another aim of this effort. Sagham is therefore intended to be a Bengali computing module. Additionally, it was considered that it would be able to meet the requirements of the general public.

    Development of ‘correct’

    It is a learning system and information-based software. Artificial intelligence is there to assist it. The extensive datasets and models are utilized to continue developing the program once it has been properly established.

    The Bangla team recognized a specific quantity of textual input as an NLP, or Natural Learning Problem, before to developing the model. There were several issues in the database, though, which he was able to rectify with ease.

    Algorithms, software, and human data processing were this application’s main activities in addition to the modeling process. These extremely arduous and time-consuming duties are being performed by a group of committed linguists from a consulting company. Managing a machine learning program using crowdsourcing presents various difficulties. Despite these difficulties, the software team put a lot of effort into creating its infrastructure. In addition, they support the initial initiative so it may go “properly” moving forward.

    Since the “right” is a result of a government initiative, EBLICT is in charge of planning and early design. More than 40 digital tools and materials are being created by EBLICT, spanning 16 themes. One of them is right.

    Sahaq’s partner in software development is Reeve. Additionally performing other software testing as a Designated Consultant for the BUET CSE Department. In addition, a group of experts verifies all of the project’s work.

    Some more great projects

    The group is creating a number of NLP and computer vision applications based on artificial intelligence, including systems for handwriting and Bengali OCR. It largely consists of the emotional analysis of different messages in Bengali language in many forms, such as “Text,” “Speech to Text,” and “Text to Speech” applications, creation of Bengali Sign Language recognition system for the hearing and speech impaired, screen reader, and Braille system for the visually impaired, and A project of Bangla National Corpus Development to digitize a total of 40 languages of Bangladesh, including 14 endangered indigenous languages.

    In addition, the group has created a universal keyboard that supports all layouts and languages. A useful tool for academics and engineers is now being created, including Bangla Treebank and multiple language model creation, labeling, field level data gathering methods, and tagging platforms. The team claimed in a brief email interview that some significant initiatives, such as a machine translator and a Bengali virtual personal assistant, are on the way. The majority of these projects are already finished and waiting for beta release. When these technologies are available, it is hoped that Bengali will gain more traction in the field of information technology.

    They said that Bengali speakers everywhere in the world can utilize it for nothing at all. The team is optimistic that correct utilization will assist government printing, publishing, and educational institutions. Their ultimate objective is to create a superior spelling and grammar checker that the whole public may use without charge.

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