This robot can Draw Pictures by Reading Written Dscriptions


    Simply by putting down a description of a person or a scene, this robot can create photos on its own. The Robotics Institute students at Carnegie Mellon University in the United States developed the robot known as “The Frida”. The creators assert that thanks to ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools, the robot can quickly create drawings of any situation.

    The “Frida” (Framework and Robotics Initiative for Developing Art) is a painting robot that works on canvas rather than a computer screen. Furthermore, it may mix colors by comprehending the information included in the image. But the robot is unable to create a image on its own. Robotics Institute professor John Oh of Carnegie Mellon University declines to refer to it as an artist. Actually, Frieda is a robotic arm. which can make graphics based on commands. This teacher expects that Frida would inspire creative thinking in artists.

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