The Parliament Deadlocked due to the Counter Accusations of BJP-Congress


    On Tuesday, the two chambers of the Indian Parliament were unable to move due to complaints and counterclaims made by the government and opposition. Including the budget discussion, the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions were deferred for the whole day. On Monday, the same thing took place.

    Congressman Rahul Gandhi is accused by the government of disrespecting the British Prime Minister, Parliament, and democracy when he was there. He demanded that other nations meddle in the nation’s domestic issues. He ought to apologise. Rahul won’t do that at all, was the Congress’ reply. He did not defame the nation, for this reason. He emphasized how the state is destroying democracy. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the one who has dishonored the nation the most. Having gone abroad numerous times, he remarked that the country plunged to the abyss in 70 years. He backed up. So, the prime minister ought to apologise.

    The Congress also urged the creation of a Joint Parliamentary Committee to look into the fraud and rigging claims made against the Adani Group in the Hindenburg Report.

    By bringing up the “international conspiracy notion” about anti-India, the BJP is attempting to encircle Congress. The goal, according to opponents, is to draw attention away from the Adani problem. The Hindenburg investigation claims that the Prime Minister’s own initiative frequently benefitted the Adani company.

    Rahul also asked directly in the Lok Sabha how often Gautam Adani accompanied the Prime Minister. Additionally, there have been unambiguous claims that during his trips to Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Israel, Prime Minister Modi lobbied on behalf of the Adani Group. The Congress is of the opinion that the BJP wants to draw attention to Rahul’s speech in England in order to sidestep the opposition’s demand for an inquiry by a parliamentary committee. Because of this, the BJP will take part in both the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha. Rahul, however, is a Lok Sabha representative. It is against the rules of parliament to debate a member of one house in the other. Despite the fact that both houses can debate ministers.

    Along with the Congress, the DMK, NCP, and Left parties also call for the creation of a joint parliamentary committee to look into the Adani situation. The RJD of Bihar, the Aam Aadmi Party, and the BRS of Telangana are all opposed to the politicization of governing organizations. The three party leaders are currently being searched for and questioned by the ED-CBI. Additionally, two UP government of Delhi ministers have been detained. The Trinamool Congress will act on its seven-point demand. They held a separate dharna on Tuesday to demonstrate that they are not with the Congress, despite the fact that Adani is prepared to demand an probe. However, all members of the opposition favor negotiations over their demands.

    The administration intends to avoid ministerial negotiations on the Union Budget in addition to applying pressure to the Congress by disparaging Rahul. Yesterday, the budget for Jammu and Kashmir was supposed to be approved on Monday and Tuesday. If there was a conversation, the government would have to handle a lot of uncomfortable subjects. Parliament was in session when it was avoided. According to a BJP leader, the administration will benefit rather than lose if the budget is passed without debate. Up to the first week of April, the budget session will continue.

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