The Explanation given by Samsung about Taking Pictures of the moon


    A Reddit post served as the catalyst for the criticism.

    Regarding Samsung’s alleged usage of artificial intelligence to make the moon image more ‘beautiful’ without the user’s awareness, the South Korean corporation has released a comment.

    The English translation of a statement that Samsung published in Korean on the same topic last year has been significantly modified.

    Why so much criticism?

    A Reddit post served as the catalyst for the criticism. According to a post by the Reddit user u/ibreakphotos, pictures made with Samsung’s “Space Zoom” feature are phony. These Space Zoom smartphones from Samsung are available. Samsung refers to the ability to magnify a camera 100 times in order to get a crisp image of a far-off object, such as the moon. The Reddit user criticized Samsung’s claim as untrue and asserted that the moon image captured by its cameras using space zoom is not an accurate representation of the moon.

    The user obtained a high-quality photograph of the moon and dramatically lowered its resolution to back up his claim. then distort that image. Put the image in full-screen mode now, turn off the lights in the room, and take a distant photo of the moon with your Samsung phone on the monitor. This demonstrates how, if Samsung’s camera detects that the moon is being captured, it will intentionally swap that image with a other, equally stunning one.

    This Reddit thread is where the conversation got started. Later, Samsung’s “fraud” in the space zoom image spread over all social media platforms in addition to Reddit.

    What is Samsung saying?

    Samsung clarified their stance on the subject in a blog post that is essentially a “copy-paste” of another article from the previous year. for a high resolution contributes to improved clarity and noise reduction in images. With digital and optical picture stabilization, this function eliminates image blur.

    However, “when image quality is improved with the aid of artificial intelligence” is when the true “magic” happens. According to Samsung, this camera uses artificial intelligence to modify the image’s features when it recognizes that the moon is being captured.

    With the aid of the “AI Detail Enhancement Engine,” the camera on the Galaxy phone improves clarity by lowering picture noise. In essence, the camera can use artificial intelligence to determine that an object, even one as far away as the moon, is in fact the moon. The camera then takes the necessary action to sharpen and realistically enhance the image in accordance with its training.

    As a consequence, it’s unclear whether the camera on the Samsung phone is genuinely shooting images of the moon or whether this is just an notion.

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