Sokha’s 27-Year Sentence: A Blow to Cambodia’s Democratic Future


    Sokha, the head of the opposition in Cambodia, was given a 27-year jail term.

    The court in Cambodia has given opposition leader Kem Sokha a 27-year jail term. He received this punishment after being found guilty of sedition. Many nations throughout the world denounced the Kem Sokha sentencing episode as being politically motivated.

    The Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), which is presently outlawed, was once led by Kem Sokha. The year 2017 saw his arrest. According to a court judgment, Kem Sokha will continue to be under house arrest for 27 years. Additionally, he will be prohibited from politics and election voting indefinitely. Kem Sokha won’t be eligible to vote in the July elections as a result.

    Kem Khosa, however, has refuted claims that he organized a plot with foreigners to unseat Prime Minister Han Sen’s administration.

    Attorney Sokha stated that an appeal is planned.

    In September 2017, a nighttime raid resulted in the warrantless arrest of Kem Khosa. Following that, the CNRP party he was leading vanished. The party was outlawed by Prime Minister Hun Sen’s administration, which has long controlled the nation.

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