New GPT-4: 8 times more powerful than ChatGPT


    The new version can comprehend photos, whereas the old version could only grasp words. For instance, it may create a caption or explanation for a photo or indicate what can be prepared with these components by looking at a image of a cooking ingredient. Up to 25,000 words may now be understood by the new version, an increase of 8 times over the old one.

    The highly regarded artificial intelligence chatbot ChatGPT’s revised version GPT-4 has been made available by the tech company OpenAI. GPT-3.5 served as ChatGPT’s predecessor.

    The updated version can comprehend photos, as opposed to the prior edition’s text-only restriction. For instance, it may produce a caption or description for a photograph by looking at a image of a food item and describing what can be prepared with those elements.

    Up to 25,000 words may now be understood by the new version, an increase of 8 times over the old one.

    ChatGPT has been utilized by billions of people worldwide since its debut in November 2022. Chatgpt is being used by people to produce music, write ad copy, develop computer code, and aid children with their schoolwork. Nevertheless, professors have advised against kids using it to assist with their schoolwork.

    Books created with RoChatGPT are selling better on Amazon.

    The primary benefit of ChatGPT is that it offers responses to all questions that are human-like. It offers more than merely offer a variety of links, unlike Google search. Users may thus utilize it to instantly find out the answer to any inquiry.

    Numerous individuals worry that ChatGPT may one day eliminate many employment because to its potential.

    In order to verify the security features of GPT-4, according to OpenAI, they worked for six months and trained using human feedback. The GPT-4 still has the potential to receive incorrect data, the manufacturer acknowledges.

    For the time being, individuals who pay $20 per month for ChatGPT Plus membership can access the GPT-4 version.

    Additionally, ChatGPT is now a part of Microsoft’s brand-new Bing search engine. Microsoft could possibly reveal tomorrow, March 16, that GPT-4, the upgraded ChatGPT, has been included to their search engine. The ‘GPT 4’ version is reportedly already being used by Microsoft in their search engine, according to the New York Times.

    The latest chatgpt version can respond to more complicated queries. In their live presentation, OpenAI displayed these inquiries and responses to everyone.

    Text instructions may be used to generate new material using GPT-4 and Generative AI systems like ChatGPT. GPT 4 is, however, a much more robust and all-encompassing than earlier iterations.

    Partnerships between OpenAI and the language-learning applications Duolingo and Be My Eye were also revealed. Users may now utilize these applications to access artificial intelligence for responses.

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