Lenovo Yoga Alo 7 with vertical monitor a Smartphone PC


    You may view images, movies, and webpages vertically on this PC, much as on a smartphone. You may use your finger to move the monitor picture up and down on the touch screen. As a consequence, users may navigate through various postings on social networking sites just like they would on a phone. The monitor may be positioned horizontally if needed. Although it might seem strange, Lenovo, a maker of technological goods, has created such a computer.

    The all-in-one desktop computer with the Lenovo Yoga Alo 7 model has a 27-inch screen. As a consequence, in addition to working on the huge screen, it is possible to comfortably browse social networking sites. The computer’s AMD Ryzen 4000 series processor and Nvidia GeForce 2060 graphics card enable high-resolution viewing of images and videos. The purchase cost is $1,460. India Times is the source

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