How Parents can Support Children in Language Learning


    After birth, the newborn might use crying to express any demands or issues. He stares at his mother’s face, looks into her eyes, grins a bit, and interacts with her as she feeds him when he is between one and a half and two months old.

    Babies begin to produce noises and laugh between the ages of four and six months, and as they get older and are able to make more and more sounds fluently, they begin to communicate with everyone. Babies often learn to name familiar objects or persons in single words between the ages of 12 and 18 months.

    At the age of two, can speak phrases of about two words. Following that, their vocabulary starts to grow the more they have the chance to engage with their surroundings. By the age of three, vocabulary continues to grow, and children can speak phrases of about three words. There are things parents may do to assist their child speak or learn fluently.

    Parents must make time for their children’s physical and mental growth despite their busy schedules. Do your own language study; don’t rely on a caregiver or employee to do it for you.

    Talk to the child in basic terms, smile, and exchange expressions the majority of the time, whether or not the youngster understands.

    The mother will make an effort to interpret the baby’s body language and facial emotions. He is required to answer whenever he speaks or attempts to explain things. It is unavoidable and cannot be halted in any manner.

    In addition to chatting, play with the baby’s toys, take them on walks, show them other animals or photos, and generally stimulate their nerves.

    Explain what the youngster is pointing to if they do.

    Expand on what the young person stated. For instance, if the youngster says a red automobile, you may respond that it is a huge red car.

    Tell the youngster amusing tales. Face-to-face conversation, illustration, and description. Take him close and read books to him. Read rhymes and stories.

    Instead of using negative language, talk positively. For instance, the sky should be described as blue if it is not pink.

    (Source: Pediatrician Professor Abid Hossain Mollah)

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