Feet Callus Removal Remedy: Types, Causes & Treatments


    Long-term rubbing, pressure or pressure on a specific area, and the introduction of an external item (such as an injection) into the body can all cause damage to our skin. Different regions of our skin experience some modifications as a result of this type of mechanical damage. This includes things like foot corn.

    The corn or callus, a tough, thick covering of skin, is found on the soles of our feet. The majority of the time, they are little and spherical. Conical in shape, with the oblique or apex towards the interior of the skin. So you get agony when you press inward. The pain is worse, especially while moving. Painful and unpleasant stiffness are also present. However, there is no need to panic. You will recover if you abide by the guidelines and receive the right care.

    On the skin, there is another rough layer that resembles callus; we refer to it as callus. Apart from the palms of the hands and feet, calluses can develop on other regions of the body as well. Kelas are linked to a variety of occupations, everyday chores, exercises, etc. Because they are superficial inside the epidermis, calluses are typically painless.

    If the underlying cause can be checked out, corns frequently goes away on its own.


    • Strings often come in two varieties.
    • Anywhere on the foot soles might feel stiff.
    • Soft hard : occurs between the toes.


    Long-term rubbing or friction at one location is the primary cause. In addition, wearing tight or stiff shoes might make you feel stiff.


    • occurs between the toes or on the bottom of the foot.
    • High and firm.
    • The skin will feel crusty, rough.
    • Particularly when walking or gripping it inwards, there is pain or hurting.


    Particularly when walking or gripping it inwards, there is pain or hurting.

    Warm water should be used to soak the feet before using a scalpel or pumice stone to scrub them.

    Treatment for this illness involves the use of salicylic acid. In addition, there are a variety of procedures and lasers.

    Author: Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s department of venereology and dermatology

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