Even at the age of 41, Ibrahimovic is still in the Sweden team


    Ibra, who played against Poland in the World Cup qualifying playoffs last March, scored 62 goals in 121 games for his country.

    Over 41 and almost 42 years old. Footballers who can play club football at this age are hard to come by. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, an AC Milan star, has been selected for the Sweden team there. Ahead of two friendly matches against Belgium and Azerbaijan, Swedish coach Jan Andersson has named the team, keeping the star who recently returned from injury.

    One of the unsung heroes who helped Milan win the Scudetto last season for the first time in 11 years was Ibrahimovic. More attention has been paid to leadership abilities than to on-field performance. Zlatan has played three straight games for Milan and is in terrific form despite having been out for a considerable amount of time, according to the Swedish coach, who also wants him to take the leadership role for the national team. Therefore, I believe he can contribute something from that perspective. not just on the field, but off the field as well.

    Ibrahimovic had knee surgery at the conclusion of the previous campaign. He was prevented from entering the field for 263 days as a result. He played Atalanta last month after making his injury comeback. He also competed for Salerno and Fiorentina. In the second half of each of the three games, the forward was replaced. He participated for 68 minutes in all.

    A year ago, he participated in Sweden’s last game. Ibra, who played against Poland in the World Cup qualifying playoffs last March, scored 62 goals in 121 games for his country. But after competing in the 2016 Euro, he gave up playing for his country. After five years in retirement, the forward returned in 2021.

    The 25th of March will see a friendly match between Sweden and Belgium. Then, on March 28, they will take against Azerbaijan in another friendly game.

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