Astronomy Pathshala is teaching astronomy in Bengal


    Every day, between 20,000 and 30,000 kids from all throughout the nation receive free instruction in astronomy. The students in this educational program come from 46 different districts. So far the college has been able to reach a total of more than 9 lakh pupils.

    Despite the fact that many students in Bangladesh are interested in studying astronomy, there are few opportunities to do so within the traditional educational system. Once more, a language barrier prevents many people from learning. Hasibul Hossain Rifat decided to build an “Astronomy Pathshala” to teach astronomy in Bengal as a result of this idea. His hands founded Astronomy Pathshala, the nation’s first online learning portal for astronomy.

    In 2020, Astronomy Pathshala launched as the nation’s first tech portal for digital astronomy learning. Every day, between 20,000 and 30,000 kids from all throughout the nation receive free instruction in astronomy. The students in this educational program come from 46 different districts. More than 9 lakh students have been reached by the university thus far.

    The founder of Astronomy Pathshala, Hasibul Hossain Rifat, has experience studying in several esteemed astronomy programs both domestically and internationally in addition to participating as a mentor in the organization’s programs. They may instruct students on a variety of astronomical topics.

    The institution is running national projects including the All Bangladesh Asteroid Search Campaign, fundamental astronomy workshops, and astronomy courses beginning in Bengal. Along with educational institutions like Vikarunnisa Noon School and College and Notre Dame College, Astronomy Pathshala has organized a number of seminars and events outside of Dhaka.

    An international program called the All Bangladesh Asteroid Search Campaign was first introduced in Bangladesh, where schoolchildren are finding hundreds of asteroids per month at their homes. Additionally, NASA is a collaborator in this effort. Hasibul Hossain Rifat, the founder of Astronomy Pathshala, and Chief Strategy Officer Shams Ibn Hossain have been selected to serve as the campaign’s official international regional trainers.

    More than 350 asteroids or asteroids have already been found by students from various regions of the nation thanks to the instruction they received at the school. Additionally, the institution offers live classes and teaches astronomy to students every day on all of its platforms.

    The organization’s founder, Hasibul Hossain Rifat, promised that more outstanding mentors and material will be added in the future. The institution’s objective is to make it simple for students outside of the scientific department to understand astronomy.

    He continued, “Our staff is working day and night to spread the word about astronomy from home to home, and we are confident that we will be successful in doing so. Because our students continually inspire us to work toward that objective.

    40 members of Rifat’s team are giving their all to the endeavor. The institute has so far collaborated with five nations, numerous notable worldwide astronomers, and a number of international astronomical organizations. Students now have access to all the best astronomy information and materials.

    On their official website, Facebook page, and YouTube channel, they offer materials and information on a daily basis. If you wish, you can go see them.

    URL of the official website.

    The group strives to ensure that no student in the nation is prevented from learning astronomy or from having the opportunity to do so in their mother tongue and that their goals are not left unfulfilled.

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