6 Ways to start Earning Money from Facebook


    Keep in mind that Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users each month. Twitter has 396 million users, Instagram has 130 crores, and TikTok has 100 crores. That is, compared to all other platforms, Facebook has a staggeringly large number of users.

    Users of Facebook employ a variety of strategies to make money. They include of activities like Facebook affiliate marketing, Messenger advertising, and marketplace goods sales.

    But it’s become increasingly tough to make money on Facebook as a whole. Currently, 5% of a Page’s total followers are generally reached by an organic post. That percentage was 7% in 2018. … those who buy their way into the game through sponsorships and advertisements; over time, their reach shrank even further.

    The good news is that Facebook is developing several innovative and intriguing methods for its users to monetize the social media network. Despite the fact that they are mostly for business owners and any Facebook pages with a sizable following.

    There are six different methods to make money on Facebook.

    Here are 6 ways for you to increase clients for an existing business or make some additional money from a page that has a lot of followers. how to use Facebook to make money. Additionally, it will cover the rules you must follow.

    1. Facebook Monetization

    Facebook monetization (Source: socialmediaexaminer)
    Picture: Facebook monetization (Source: socialmediaexaminer)

    Verify whether or not your Facebook page qualifies for monetization.

    You are required to upload information on your Facebook profile in compliance with the platform’s guidelines. This is often broken down into three groups.

    • First, Facebook’s Community Standards. These are the basic rules of the platform at once. For example, no obscene or prohibited content may be posted.
    • Second, Partner Monetization Policy. These rules apply to your Facebook page as a whole. Also for how you create and share any content. Also for how you make and receive payments online.
    • Finally, there is the content monetization policy. These are specifically content related rules. That applies to every piece of content you post. For example, not uploading any violent or unsafe content.

    Verify your eligibility for monetization by visiting your Facebook Creator Studio. There, select the Monetization tab. Select a page to see whether you qualify for monetization. You will also be provided with further details regarding how the page is monetized.

    when you are approved for Facebook content monetization. If so, it’s critical to maintain that qualification in order to maintain a steady salary.

    For this, ensure the right to upload material, maintain the domain’s cleanliness, and examine the platform’s community standards on a regular basis. if your page becomes invalid for any reason. The Monetization tab in your Creator Studio will then display a notification from Facebook. They’ll also explain the reasons why you are no longer qualified.

    2. In-stream adverts

    Facebook Added a Premium Option for Its In-Stream Video Ads (Source: adweek)
    Picture: Facebook Added a Premium Option for Its In-Stream Video Ads (Source: adweek)

    In-video or in-stream advertisements are particularly good at drawing viewers’ attention. while an individual is watching a Facebook video. If an advertisement appears in the video, it then has the best chance of being seen by the audience. This is due to the fact that he wants to see more of the original video, therefore he keeps viewing it. As a result, it is more successful than a feed ad on its own. Users are more inclined to skip specific adverts in the stream because of this.

    You must display the video as a narrative if you want to use in-stream advertising. The attention of viewers who are already interested in the video might be easily attracted by in-stream advertisements.

    However, films must be longer than one minute in addition to comply with Facebook’s requirements. Additionally, in order to run in-stream advertisements, your page must have at least 10,000 followers.

    3. Paid subscription to the page

    Facebook Subscription Groups
    Picture: Facebook Subscription Groups

    By establishing paid or paid subscriptions, the monthly income can be raised. By paying to subscribe to the page, followers may benefit from a number of advantages including unique or exclusive material and discounts.

    Such paid subscriptions are used by a company called Vegan Baker. For those who follow their brand on Facebook, they have set up a special group. where subscribers must pay about $5 per month to access their personalized material and exclusive offers.

    In addition, Facebook’s “Stars” function enables fans to purchase a pack of stars. which they may pay their preferred authors as tips to earn additional money.

    Only Facebook’s invitation-only feature presently offers this subscription function. When a user reaches 10,000 followers, 250 repeat viewers, 50,000 post interactions, or 180,000 watch minutes, they can unlock fan subscriptions. You may choose what advantages members will receive from the invite function once you have it.

    4. Collaboration between many brands

    In order to broaden the audience for your page and diversity the material, create content with appropriate individuals. To reach new audiences and raise brand recognition, there are a lot of manufacturers, businesses, and brands. Who wants to deal with someone who has a strong following? You can cooperate or work together with them in this situation in exchange for payment. In addition to this, it will aid in your own follower growth.

    You must first seek access from your business partners before you can begin tagging them in your postings. After it is finished, you may examine all of the partnerships there using the Brand Collaborations Manager on the Page.

    Facebook recently said that it will prioritize original video content made just for its platform. in order to prevent people from just sharing TikTok posts on Facebook.

    By successfully completing a series of “challenges,” such as achieving a predetermined amount of views on a post, content producers and influencers on Facebook may win cash rewards of up to $4,000 each month.

    To use the challenge function right now, you must get an invitation. However, in this instance, Facebook is now focusing on those who have a million or more followers. After accepting the invitation, you have 30 days to complete the first task. If not, the functionality will stop working.

    5. Paid events online

    On your Facebook page, you may offer paid events. With the help of Facebook’s Events function, you can plan, coordinate, and manage events using your Page.

    Jasper’s Market has a Facebook business page and uses it to conduct and promote a number of events. From there, followers of the brand may explore a calendar of events and buy event access directly from the page. Facebook is where the event is hosted online.

    Your Facebook page’s Paid Online Events option should be enabled. To create a new event, select the Events tab. There, choose the “Paid” radio button. Then provide the essential details on your event, the cost, and any co-hosts if applicable.

    However, your Facebook account and Page must first meet their monetization eligibility requirements in order to launch sponsored or compensated events.

    6. Encourage people to visit your store

    You may lead visitors from your Facebook profile to your online business using Facebook’s social commerce tool. For companies that currently have a tiny commercial presence on Facebook, this is an excellent strategy. which, by displaying adverts, can persuade customers who are scrolling to purchase the goods.

    Add your product catalog to the catalog manager on your Facebook page. Afterward, connect any images or videos you publish to the appropriate merchandise. During a live stream, a product link is also permissible.

    Lastly, spread out your revenue. On Facebook, you may launch an e-commerce business, offer a range of services, produce digital goods, and more. And to succeed in this, you may employ a huge number of Facebook followers as a technique.

    Keep in mind that Facebook has over 2.9 billion active users each month. Twitter has 396 million users, Instagram has 130 crores, and TikTok has 100 crores. In other words, relative to all other platforms, Facebook has a disproportionately large number of users. Because of this vast user base, making money from this platform is challenging but not impossible.

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