57 Years old Jordanian executed in Saudi Arabia


    In Saudi Arabia, a citizen of Jordan was put to death. He was accused of being involved in drug use. According to the man’s family, he was tortured into confessing.

    The 57-year-old guy is Hussain Abu Al-Khair. He’s got eight kids. He was a rich Saudi man’s driver.

    In 2014, Hussain was detained when he entered Saudi Arabia from Jordan. He was charged with trafficking drugs. Hussain was later given a death sentence.

    Hussain’s trial was labeled “unfair” by Amnesty International. Zainab Abul Al-Khair, Hussain’s sister, said that he was abused and had his legs bound in jail.

    Zainab said that early this year, her brother expressed his doubts about the inclusion of the coerced confession in the trial.

    Later, foreign groups became aware of Hussain’s situation. In November of last year, Saudi Arabia ended an unofficial moratorium on the execution of drug offenders. In a short period of time, 17 persons received death sentences.

    According to the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Incarceration, Hussain Abul al-Khair’sdetentionlacked a legitimate justification. The UN Human Rights Office demanded his release in late 2022. According to the agency, the death sentence for crimes involving drugs is incompatible with international standards and values.

    Liz Throssell, a representative for the UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention, urged the Saudi Arabian authorities to free Hussein right away. He demanded recompense and medical attention. The working committee said that the man’s family had not been informed of his execution by the Saudi authorities. The outcome was that his family was unable to even say goodbye to him.

    Saudi Arabia’s allies, particularly the UK, have come under fire for their soft stance on violations of human rights. 81 individuals were executed in one day during Mohammed bin Salman’s rule, and that tragedy has also been brought up.

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