5 Ways for Personal & Professional Life Balance Technologies


    Let’s say you can find two more hours each week in your hectic schedule. Consider your options for handling it. A mere two hours. Don’t stop thinking.

    Let’s say you can find two more hours each week in your hectic schedule. Consider your options for handling it. A mere two hours. Don’t stop thinking. Do you require some downtime to balance your personal and professional lives? As they say, read while you’re reading and play while you’re playing. You must choose between the two, though. It’s harder than it looks to get out of this dilemma. More than 84 percent of Americans, according to research, report experiencing acute stress at work at least once each week.

    1. Set up email filters

    Only required emails should be delivered to our inbox. But in fact, we have a ton of junk mail in our inbox. We spend hours reading and discarding these. Create email filters, then. To do this automatically, use an email management like “Clean Email” or “Senbox”. Labels, filters, and folders may often be created automatically by email administrators. You must navigate to the Settings tab in order to modify the colored email.

    2. Create meeting calendar

    A Dialpad survey from 2022 found that meetings take between 4 and 12 hours per week. To set up this meeting, you may send emails, for example. Instead of contacting everyone, you may utilize a meeting calendar or email everyone a link to the meeting. This reduces the amount of time required for coordination.

    If your manager is on board, you can utilize a tool like Google Calendar at work. Colleague availability may be viewed using Google Calendar.

    Calendary and Doodle are two other fantastic applications like this. Both provide the capability of sharing URLs with others inside and outside of your business. Through URL sharing, they have the option to arrange more meetings with you.

    3. Using the talk-to-type feature on the computer

    Using speech or voice recognition software, taking notes is simple. Numerous tasks will be simplified by this program. Use Talk-to-Type to create documents such as emails. Software for voice recognition is not flawless, though. primarily useful for draft notes

    4. Use a secure password manager

    We might need a while to reset the password each time. A password manager makes it possible to securely log in automatically and with an autofill feature. Every browser is compatible with it.

    5. Order food

    Keep part of the time you spend each day on meal preparation for yourself. If you frequent the market for a few days in a row, you won’t need to visit the superstore every day. The time required for planning, purchasing, preparing, and cooking is considerable. If one cuts the veggies or gets the fish from the market, they will save time. Or you might purchase prepared packaged foods (such bread or parotta). Despite the fact that a lot of people believe it will cost more, this isn’t necessarily the case today. The delivery guy will show up at your door once you place your purchase.

    Time, not cash, is the most valuable resource. Americans feel they don’t have enough time to pursue their particular hobbies, according to 48% of them. Therefore, using these apps can help you save time.

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