3 Arrested in Lynching for Keeping Beef in Bihar India


    In the Indian state of Bihar, a Muslim was lynched for reportedly smuggling beef. He passed while en route to the hospital. Nasim Qureshi (age 56) is his name. It occurred last week. Three East Bihar residents have been detained on suspicion of being involved in the event. This was said on Saturday by Ramchandra Tiwari, the head of the Rasulpur police station in Bihar.

    According to a police spokesman, Nasim Qureshi was surrounded by about 20 individuals. The pounding then began. Before being transferred to the hospital, he passed away.

    In India, being killed by a mob for transporting beef is nothing new. Many individuals had to endure similar atrocities even before this because of the killing of animals or transporting meat.

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    In 2014, Narendra Modi was elected prime minister. At that point, extremist Hindus started acting violently. For traditionalists, cows are extremely sacrosanct. Hardline Hindus have been calling for a countrywide ban on cow slaughter for a very long time. Following that, several local governments prohibited the sale and purchase of beef in various regions of the nation. In Bihar, the Bharatiya Janata Party is currently in power. The group is currently a political force opposed to the BJP.

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