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Founded in 2011, Tips N Tricks is a leading technology blog for Tech Influencers, Computer Enthusiasts and IT decision makers from around the world that provides up-to-date information, analysis, and tips catered to enthusiasts and professionals in the IT sector. Our daily coverage of the tech scene is complemented by our comprehensive technology news, product reviews, latest updates, Latest news and updates of Facebook, twitter, Google plus, Microsoft, iPhone also how to, SEO and marketing, Islam, software downloads and the hundreds of tips offered in this blog.

It has since then become one of the most popular technology sites on the Internet with three authors and regular contributions from freelance writers.

Toukir Rahman, Founder 

Toukir Rahman is a tech blogger, web designer, software programmer and IT consultants. He loves writing about technology trends, blogging tips, programming, product reviews, PC tips and tricks. He also appreciates when beautiful code compliments beautiful design, and still codes for IE6 browser. He is a normal guy, vibrant, eloquent and intelligent entrepreneur with great personality and always love to be with inspiring friends.He is very good with php development and also owner of few other websites.

When he is not blogging, writing, or coding, he listen to music, talk over phone and hang out with friends. Toukir Rahman is the Founder/Creative Director of NoxBD Social Network, Aauuff - Islamic Social Network , RockBD - Forum of your needs and TipsGlobe - Read more to learn more.

You can mail him for suggestions/questions regarding his articles or anything at bijaybd@hotmail.com or you can use this contact page.

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