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The beginning of How to SEO, to get better search results and improve your ranking.

Every web project, the traffic referrals, are the most important keys, making it more popular in terms of traffic that getting engaged in a conversation and turning those to become the customers.

What are the options that can improve traffic for a website? 

The search engines giants like Google and Bing, and on the other Yandex, DuckDuckGo, Baidu. These search services are free to use, where you will be spending $0, to add your site or rank it better.

As all of the search engines are collecting data automatically, eg: using the Artificial Intelligent GoogleBot and bingBot.

There are other methods, like web ads, social marketing, backlinks, directory submissions etc.

Somehow, your search engine rank is partially depending on everything your website is getting engaged.

Understanding why the search engine will rank you better?

First of all, understanding a search engine is a way to waste your time. Come on, hundreds of Google Workers eg: developers, data scientists, engineers, programmers, hackers are working on 24 hours to build this one artificial Google search engine BOT. Similar cases, for all the other search engines.

So, if you really want to understand how search engines are working, and how other websites are getting ranked. You will probably be lost in the big ocean find no luck as a beginner.

The Search engine crawler has millions of pages to crawl every hour. From varies GEO content to deep link contents.

A very similar topic might be raised by you, and someone else.

Google and other search engine bots refine and compare your link with the other one, to show the best results.

As we have the basics of how search is working, let's move to the base topic.

SEO Optimization Beginners Pack

Stay Tuned.

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