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The TD Auto Finance is a US based car financing lending company subsidiary of TD Bank. Low APR rates and payoff with the better automotive user experience. That's what TDAF is offering to customers. Near about  83,000 employees are serving globally.

Auto loans getting more complicated nowadays. Comparing the banks offering car finance with higher interest rates. If you yet didn't choose one for you. You should consider taking some time and do a research before moving forward.

TD Auto Finance Rates

Every auto loan comes with special APR rates for customers. The lower the interest rate is, you are paying less. Starting at 3.70% for any new car you wish to buy. With having the freedom of 5 years maximum terms. You have no other better option than this. Obviously compared to the national APR of 4.23%. TD is leading for sure.

The APR may increase based on your selected car model year. For example, if the car model year is 2014. Your APR rate will increase .09%.

The positive side is, your APR rate is relatively low. Its actually saving you more money every year.

TD Auto Finance Payoff

Payoff process is quite easy and simple. You have different option to pay your easy monthly installments. Manual payments paying off once in a month with your acknowledge. If you enable the autopay process. Payments will be processed automatically every month.

If you are choosing to pay manually every time. You will get reminders on your email, mobile number, and notification to your TD Auto Finance customer account.

Selecting the autopay will remove one extra activity every month. Payment will be crossed off automatically every month.

TD Auto Finance Review

As low as 3.70% APR rate TD Auto Loan is one you can trust. The process is very simple. The interest rate will depend on many factors. Approval of the loan is depending on your credit score and monthly income. You will also need to provide your social security number while applying online.

The application process is very simple. After you submit your application online. You will get a call soon from TD representative. The respective will assist regarding APR rates, terms and approval process.

After your car loan is approved by the TD bank. You can manage your payments, check history and due amounts to your account panel. You can also ask them to turn on autopay. This will give you an extra advantage of never miss your payments.

TD Auto Finance Online Options

  • Make payments online every month.
  • View and print your payment history.
  • Preview and download your statements online.
  • View and edit your account information.
Thousands of customers are applying for car loan each day. There is a bit of lacking in customer service due to an increment of loan applicants. According to the recent reviews from customers. The customer service is sometimes very disappointing.

Moreover, TD Auto Finance is reliable and lending money since last 150 years. The APR rate is relatively low. Customer service is average but if you are clever enough you will not face any trouble. Checking your online account and keep a record can keep you out of trouble.

Would you like to apply for a TD auto finance loan right now. Get all the information by giving them a call. Polite customer service and excellent application process. Just quick as you can go for you it today. TD Auto Finance contact U.S. Customer service phone number : 1-800-556-8172.

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