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Personal loans from Lightstream, a perfect match for your personal financial debt solution. It is the lending division of SunTrust Bank which is one of the leading U.S financial service company. The consumer with fair credit score gets the best from it. Starting with quick online loan process and low rates. The finest among rest of the lenders Lightstream gives the consumers freedom that they can apply for a loan for any purpose. Requires no collateral with no extra hidden charges.

Lightstream Personal Loan Process -

You can apply anytime using their website loan application form. After submitting the request you should receive a quick response from customer care. Usually, they will contact you during business hours only. A loan officer will contact you for further required documents and information (if any) to process the application. After the approval of the loan, you will have to provide an electronic signature that will be used in the loan agreement. Normally, you can sign in a blank white paper using a black deep point ink pen for better visibility, scan the copy and crop the signature.

Lightstream Loan Categories -

  • Lightstream Personal Loans
  • Auto Loans & Refinance Loans
  • Home Improvement Loans
  • New Pool Loans
  • Timeshare Financing and Vacation Ownership Loans
  • Boat Loans and Aircraft Financing
  • Fractional Loans
  • IVF Financing
  • Jewelry Financing
  • Medical & Dental Financing
  • Adoption Financing
  • PreK-12 Education Loans
  • Horse Loans

Lightstream Gettings funds in your account -

Having a fair credit score and completing the application form with no errors can speed up the application process. Finally when your loan is approved, on the same day you will get the funds available in your bank account. Please make sure you have correctly filled the form.

Advantages of Lightstream loans -

When you are planning on taking a loan from banks or lenders. The first thing you should consider is doing some research on loans, companies, and categories. Remember if you take a loan to solve your problem, you have to give it back on time interests. Interest rates and APR is depending on your credit score and loan terms and some other factors. Lightstream Rate beat program. Not all lenders will offer you a great feature on today's date.  But for you SunTrust offering a great feature called Rate Beat. So how the program actually works? The program beat any APR rates currently offered by other lenders. Considering the terms and conditions they are very confident that they can at least beat by 0.10 percentage. Fixed APR Rates. Lightstream personal loan fixed APR rate gives you the freedom that you can make a budget plan. A budget plan is a great way to deal with any type of loan. Considering the repayments every month as Easy Monthly Installment. A fixed rate will help you to create a plan according to your terms. So, you know how much you have to pay every month.

Lightstream personal loans

Suntrust Lightstream personal loan BBB reviews

Loan experience guaranteed. One of the major advantages of SunTrust bank is their customer service. They aim to give the consumers a high-level customer satisfaction. Even after your loan is approved and yet not satisfied with the loan process. You can still contact Lightstream to get a questionnaire. You will have to fill it up and sent back to them. There is a great chance for you that you will receive $100 extra funds to your account. This will be a gift from Suntrust as a loan experience guarantee. Customer reviews of Lightstream personal loan are also one of the major factors. Finding the reason Why should I choose Lightstream? is all depended on the old account holders and their experience. The BBB rating of Lightstream is excellent comparing other lenders.

Old Account Holders Reviews

Have had a great experience with them so far. Applied to both Sofi and Lightstream for a personal loan of $14000 to consolidate my credit card debt. I have a 760 credit score but my yearly income is moderate. Within 2 days they approved my application. Lightstream called a few times with questions, just trying to understand who I was, what my debt was from, etc. They just needed a payment stub and a photo ID. They ended up giving me a better rate than Sofi- who also accepted me. And I like that they plant a tree for each funded loan. Super happy about the whole experience and enjoyed both phone calls I had with them."

Jeremy O'Hara Florida"Easiest thing I've done in my life. Applied for a $15,000 unsecured loan for paying off a car lease early. Applied at 9pm Central time (they are in Pacific Time). They emailed and told me they'd have an answer for me in the morning. By 10am Central I had an email stating that I was approved and I just had to agree to the terms, money was in my checking account the next day. Did not have to verify income or anyhting. Credit score 800+"

Benefits of Lightstream personal loan -

The benefits of Suntrust bank personal loans is extraordinary compared to other lenders. Competitive price, variable loan amount and term, funds for any purpose. This opens the doors of loan freedom for you. Competitive low APR rates. The maximum APR rate offered by Suntrust bank is up to 14.24% for any personal loans. But, this term is only available for the loan autopay customers. Compared to all other lenders the rate is the lowest till today's date. Some other lenders rates are up to 35.99%. Most of the APR rates are based on your credit score. Having a fair credit will be considered as a good customer. Bad credit score holders can apply to but only be considered with higher APR rates. Lightstream Personal Loan Prepayment Policy. While applying for a loan we consider taking longer terms to keep our self in a safe position. If you are clever enough to save some of your money. You can simply add some extra money as prepayments and clear your loan early. The advantage of prepayment is that you will be paying less money compare to your planned APR.

How much can I Get from Lightstream personal loans?

This is the most asked question that comes first. While choosing the best option for you. It becomes very difficult to choose the right one. When someone looking for a loan. If the amount is small it is general that they don't ask lenders or bank for a loan right? they can take it from friends and family. If the sum of the money friends cannot afford people make the choice of apply for a personal loan. The light stream maximum loan lending amount is up to $100,000 or 100k.  But you can borrow a minimum $5,000 or 5k from light stream personal loan. Sadly, the factor of how much can I borrow? is depending on financial activities. In one sentence "Your future loan is depended, on your past loan" Lightstream loan terms. The tenure of the loan is up to 12 years with a minimum of 2 years. Purpose of the loan. Generally, you can apply for the loan for any purpose. There are no specified criteria for loan purposes. In our regular life, we do imagine something adventurous so let's go for a foreign trip. Since a long, you didn't do any house improvements. Planning for a new pool in your house. Lightstream loan calculator. Just another simple way to create a budget plan. Taking a loan is very simple, but apply for a loan with a budget plan is tricky.  If you have all calculation in your hands and know what exactly how much you will have to pay every month. Simply makes your life so easy and simple to move forward with your current income.

How to apply for a personal loan from Suntrust Lightstream

The final decision is made, apply for a loan with Lightstream. The application process is so easy. It doesn't require much time only within 10 minutes you can process your loan. But, before you go through the application process you need to clarify that you qualify for the loan. The minimum requirements for loan application
  1. At least 18 years of age
  2. American passport holder (Citizen) or permanent resident in the U.S
  3. Minimum 650 credit score required.
  4. Income statement.
  5. Other supporting documents eg: property papers.
Personal Information required for Lightstream personal loans
  1. Your full name.
  2. Date of birth.
  3. Social Security number.
  4. Nationality.
  5. Permanent address.
  6. Email.
  7. Phone Number.
  8. Emergency Contact.
  9. Details of your current job.
  10. Details of your income and expenses.

Lightstream Customer Care & Phone Number

Lightstream customer service working hours are Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM and on Saturday: 12 AM to 8 PM eastern time. Application processing business hours Monday - Friday from 9 AM to 8 PM and Saturday & Sunday - 12 AM TO 6 PM. You can also contact Lightstream through their online query form. You can contact via LightStream Phone Number +1 813-430-5336

Unlike all other lenders, Suntrust is making a big difference in the financial industry. Making a great example of excellent customer service, lowest APR rates, Maximum terms, large sum with a very understanding policy. Simply a perfect match for you as perfect loan lender.

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