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Vehicle industries in 2018 BMW, Honda, Audi, Telsa, Nissan, Dodge, Chevrolet all are busy making their own self driving cars that will hit the roads soon and will be available to the public. If you are planning to buy your first self driving car the day is not that far for you. In 2018 American car companies are in the tight schedule because they are pretty busy into making a new revolution in the car industry.

The rapidly growing field of self driving technology has many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to hitting the road. It might be so comfortable that you don't have to drive your car but you can enjoy the ride. Therefore it became very important to develop a classification system to describe the updates and percentage of the progress of these future giant techs.
Self driving vehicles are more often called autonomous cars, there are total six levels of automation, One each of the levels there is A set of requirements that A car must meet before it can be sent to operate at that field of that level.

Considering no more waiting, let us introduce the levels of Self Drive Car Next Generation Vehicles

  • Self Driving Car level 1 No Automation
  • At level 1 a vehicle with no automated assistance technologies considered as No Automation. The car may have ancient car features like fixed speed cruise control hardware or warning after an accident occur. In simple words, vehicles that are completely operated by human will be considered as level 1 no automation.

  • Self Driving Car Level 2 Driver Assistance
  • Well, you are in 2018 ultra modern revolutionary age of technology where most of the modern cars are at level 1. For any vehicle to qualify at level 2 requires at least one advanced driver assistance features eg: cruise control. But, a human need to drive the car but vehicle is capable of maintaining its own speed limit under certain circumstances. Lane keeping technology is also one of the features to get select in level 2.

  • Self Driving Car Level 3 Partial Automation
  • If you know about ADAS - Advanced Driver Assistance Systems than you already know level 3 vehicles. Cars that have ADAS, that can break itself at times, control the steering wheel or even the acceleration of the car. To get into level 3 a car must need the following features like cruise control, active lane keeping assistance, automatic emergency braking, and all these technologies needs to be in a coordinated fashion.

  • Self Driving Car Level 4 Conditional Automation
  • A car needs to be more advanced to get to level 4. At level 4 vehicle is needed to be capable of taking a complete control and operating during select parts of a journey when certain operating conditions are met. A free way driving by a self driving vehicle is simply considered to be at level 4. A vehicle with sensor packages, hardware backups, and Ulta tech software that can keep the passengers safe. The driver must need to remain in driving seat while the car is on self driving. A driver monitor system is all but a prerequisite to ensure that the person in the driver's seat can take control of the car anytime. Google has already launched such vehicles in 2012 that are considered to be level 3 self driving cars.

  • Self Driving Car Level 5 High Automation
  • Consider your self seating on the car seat and reading today's newspaper and the level 5 car is taking you from home to work. A level 5 vehicle is capable of taking care of an entire journey without any assistance from the driver, it will operate itself automatically without a driver. There is a speed limit for the high automation cars because it confined to a certain geographical area (geofenced). A level 5 self driving vehicle can be driven manually by the steering wheel.

  • Self Driving Car Level 6 Full Automation
  • The final revolution of self driving car would be the level 5 vehicles. Currently, all car tech giant like BMW, Honda, Audi, Telsa, Nissan, Dodge, Chevrolet all is busy to reach the ultimate goal of level 5 self driving vehicle.
    So, what requirements do the vehicles will need to get in Level 5? a car that will be capable of complete hands-free operating, driverless operation under all circumstances, can assist passengers by voice and read voice commands. This will be the revolutionary Level 5 self driving cars where there are no provisions for human control, no more steering wheel, no pads, jo joysticks just the vehicle computer assistant. A passenger can talk over the phone, sleep on the car or whatever they like to do. In today's world, general motors have been the most vocal about level 5 future tech.
As we have seen Level 1 to Level 5, Ultimately, it won't be much longer that we would see that cars are Level 5 self driving on the road and you are inside of it. It might take more decades to achieve this goal.

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