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Buy website domain is never been so easy? because now domain purchase is very cheap and to be more exact almost free of cost. Free domain with hosting is very popular among all. As you know there is no value of a domain without a hosting. Some companies offer few different TLDs domain, for example, .tk completely free. But if you are looking for Top-level domain TLDs (, .net) in that case you have to come up with a small price of 99 cents for the first year.

Coupon offers are very normal in domain industries. Many companies offer free coupons that you can avail free domain with hosting or price will be 99 cents more or less. You can find many coupon sites online where you can get current offers from domain industry.

Free Domain Registration
Companies offer different terms in a different way of getting your fund back in their the pocket. Register a free domain with hosting often charges more from next year. Typically, there are few domain registerer who are leading the industry with an affordable price but created variance in the business.

First, let's understand the business before we discuss more regarding buy web domain cheap and affordable. How the companies are profiting from domain to hosting, hosting to domain. The domain industry is full filled by some giant companies and most of the companies are involved in other industry businesses in the same niche. They offer services like shared hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, Emails etc. They maintaining each of them individually but offers extra benefits if you get one another. If you are clever enough you will choose the right one for you else you will have to struggle every year for looking for a new registerer to get the cheapest price.

Research Before Buying a Domain 

  • Companies offer FREE domain or 99 cents domain registration often charge more from next year.
  • If you are planning to purchase hosting from the same company you are purchasing cheap domain please do a deep research on their hosting service before you buy it.
  •  Make sure the cheap domain offering company is legitimate. 
  • If a company is offering a FREE domain registration please read the Terms & Condition before you purchase.
  • Purchasing using coupon be sure the coupon is activated before you place your order.
  • Do not forget about iCAN fee.
Free Domain Registration

Leading Companies that offers domain at a cheap price: 

Godaddy, Inc - One of the leading domain registerer. They offer domains at cheap price using coupon. The hosting services are affordable too but have lack of customer support and features.
Enom, Inc - Enom is always been so cheap in the industry for ages. Hosting prices are very reasonable along with clear features.

Namecheap, Inc - Namecheap has been one of the strongest competitor for all domain companies. Their hosting prices are very higher than all others.

1&1 Internet - One of the oldest but at the beginning, they couldn't do much in the market. But, they are back in the business and offers domains only at 99 cents. Hosting service is not very friendly but affordable.

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