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For chatting on Facebook with friends Messenger is the most relevant app with exciting emotions and smileys used on messages.

There are currently more than 1200 emojis and smileys on Facebook that can be used in chat, messages, comments, status and more. The emotion makes it more exciting for you and your friends to express your self without saying the word. If you are feeling happy, you don't need to write it. All you need to do select the smiley that express your smiley and sent it to your friend.

Facebook Messenger give you lot of option sending gif's, pictures etc. Among all of them emoji's and emoticons are all time favourite for people all over the world.

Facebook Messenger Emoticons

What is Emoticon and how to use them on Facebook Messenger ?

A smiley or emoticon is a small version of image or you can call it icon which is used electronically, usually depicting emotion. But emoji and emoticon both are different because emojis are small pictures and created from the Japanese language where it means PICTURE WORD.

How you will find emotions on Facebook Message ? its very simple. Open upon any conversation on your Facebook Messaneger and click left-hand corner where you can see a smiley icon.You can then sort through the emoticons and emojis from Recently Sent, Smileys & People, Animals & Nature, Food & Drink, Activities, Travel & Places, Objects, Symbols and Flags by clicking along the bottom on Messenger conversation.

How to send emotion automatically on Facebook Messenger conversation ?
While you are in conversation with any of your friend, emojis normally come up if you use certain symbols. For example if you type shortcode :) and it will turn into a smiley face automatically. Similarly if you use :D will turn into a grinning face, if :( will turn into a sad face, :O will turn into a surprise face, :/ for puzzled and :P for showing tongue sticking out. You can also use <3
 to show heart, ;) for wink and :o for gasp and more.

How do I change Emoji skin color?

Last year in June Facebook introduced a new functionality for emoji where you can choose the color of your emojis. You can have this option in your desktop Facebook messenger app by clicking on the Settings icon top left hand corner.

Facebook Messenger Settings

From the settings option you will find out Emoji at the bottom and when you click on that you can choose your emoji skin color.

Facebook Emoji Skin Color Settings

You can also enable this option in your iOS or Android device by opening Facebook Messaenger app and click on your profile picture in the left top corner of your app. Scroll it down till you find the option Photos, Video and emoji. Simply click on it and you will have option for Emoji Options and choose your desire emoji color.

iOS app emoji skin color

Sometimes you might feel disgusted when your messages turning into emoticon automatically. But, unfortunately Facebook no longer provide the option that you can disable the automatic emoji appears on messages. In case if you want to sent a message with a specially characters that is turning to be a emoticon. You need to double it up for example :)) or :(( will disable the emoticon to turn automatically.

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