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Whenever a new iPhone is launched by Apple Inc we always expect they will come up with something exciting interesting and useful. This time Apple released iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus with its new headset called AirPods. Previous version of all iPhone had EarPods (Ear Phone) But this time they have come with a bit different touch a head phone without wires. It means when you buy the new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus you are getting a wireless headset to talk, listening music and much more.

There is not much difference between a regular Apple EarPod just the cables are not there anymore. As you can see the bottoms of both are silver and contain the microphones. They are equipped with sensors so that it can detect your ears - which means if you are listen to music and suddenly you don't wish to continue there is no need to touch your phone to pause the music. All you can do is simply take one of the AirPods from your ears it simply pauses the music. When you put it back in your ears it will continue the music by resume.
The new Pods shapes are bit different which fits with ears easily and never been that friendly compare to EarPods. The experience will not be much of the difference between your regular Earpods.
Apple's iPhone Airpods

The price is bit higher than any regular EarPods but when you are giving price there must have to be something interesting with it. Well, you won't be disappointed with Apple in that case as AirPods come in a carrying case that is roughly the size of a pack of dental floss on steroids. You can get minimum 24 hours of music playback using the case. Airpods can each play for five hours on a single charge.

All you need to do is simply hold the case close to your iPhone, flip it open and the paring screen pops up immediately. You will not have to do anything manual when its all automatic. But, you are required to push one button to get paired via Bluetooth.Not only that you can also which the AirPods with all your Apple devices with the same way.

iPhone 7 AIrpods

What else feature you get from it, well you can double tap either pod to call up Siri for assistance, and can say what you wish to do even in a crowed room with much noices around still Siri can hear you and do its task smoothly. That means the Apple's beamforming microphones work to capture your voice and filter out everything else. You can also answer all your incoming calls with just one tap. Another interesting part of your AirPods will be completely water proof. So, if you are buying iPhone 7 or Iphone 7 Plus you have good news that you will not have to worry about rain and swimming with your phone anymore. You can listen to music and swim and walk alone in the rain.

The iPhone AirPods price is around $159.

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