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Taking screenshot is one of the most common issue that we all need in our lifetime. This is one of the major topic How to take a screenshot has been searched more often by thousands of people daily. We all are surrounded by different devices for our daily use, such as Desktop PC, Laptop, smartphone and etc.

Different devices come with different platforms like Windows 10, windows 8, windows 8.1, Android, Windows Mobile and more. It doesn't matter which Operating System you are using but there is actually build-in ways that you can take a screenshot so easily.
How to take screenshot

How to take screenshots in windows 10, windows 8 and windows 8.1
If you are using Windows 10, windows 8 or windows 8.1 operating system in your device therefore you have the ability to take screenshots which is a built-in feature and it will save automatically to a special folder.You can easily use this option whenever you need by simply pressing the Windows Key just the key located at your keyboard with the Windows logo and Print Screen key by pressing both of the keys together at the same time will take the entire screenshot of your current screen. Now by default windows will save the Screenshot automatically to a specific folder Pictures library.

You can also use only the Print Screen key which is another method, simply pressing the key and open any image editing software eg: Microsoft paint, adobe photoshop and simple press Ctrl + V or from Edit menu Paste. This is another method you can use but sometimes it doesn't work for some of the windows so using above method would be preferable.

How to take screenshots in Windows 7 and Windows Vista
You can use the same Print screen key method as we describe earlier for Windows 7 and Windows vista. You can also use the Snipping Tool that feature is available on all version of Windows.

To try that simply open the Program menu by clicking Start button bottom left of your screen and select All Programs, and simply select Accessories and after than select the Snipping tool from the list. From the Snipping tool you can take a screenshot of a specific area of the screen. For example if you like to take a screenshot of the current webpage you can do so.Open the program and click New, select the area of the screen you would like to capture and simply click on the Save button.

How to take screenshots in Windows XP
Windows XP was one of the user-friendly and popular operating system of people choice. But, there is actually two methods that you can use for taking screenshot in Windows XP without using any other third-party software. Method 1 is to click on the Print Screen button will simply copy of the entire screen and you can than paste the image to any image editing software as we have explained above for windows 10.

Method 2 is too capture a specific window, to do so you need to press the Alt and Print Screen buttoon together at the same time, once you did that simply paste it to any image editing software like Microsoft Paint etc. This method is useful if you are taking screenshot of any particular window.

In most of the keyboards, the Print Screen key can be found just upper-right corner side, at keyboard top row. It will likely be labelled as either PrtScn or Prt Sc or similar like that to any keyboard built-in or external.

How to take screenshot on Windows smartphone or tablet
If you are using any smartphone or tablet which is running by windows operating system than you can take screenshot of the current screen easily. By simply pressing the Windows button with Volume-Down key at the same time will take a screenshot of your current screen.It will automatically save the image to the Screenshots folder in the Picture library. You can find it by viewing your gallery.

If you are running Windows Phone 8.1, therefore you can take a screenshot by pressing the Power Button and Volume-Up button together and the save process will just like as we described above. Windows Phone 8 smartphones or tablets can take screenshot by pressing the Start Button and Power button just at the same time. The images will be save automatically in the Photos Hub section you can find them from your gallery.

Sometimes, some devices running special few laptops does not work on some of the method if you are using such device please let us know we can help you with that to fix.

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