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Apple App Store or iTunes Store is the second leading app store with 1.5 million apps and more. There are thousands of categories like music, lifestyle, travel, news, social networking, productivity, multimedia, games, photo and video apps and more. Your most favourites apps you will find for your iPhone or iOS devices can be downloaded from there. Not only that your favourite games like flappy bird, candy crush, clash of clans, 8 ball pool and more can be found there too. You actually can download thousands of app from there. Now, it is also important that if you do not own an iOS device such as iPad, iPhone, iPod how you are going to test or run such great apps that you always wanted to run.

Now the question remains silent as you know all the apps from iTunes or Apple store is build for iOS. But, without worrying any more about it there is actually ways that you can run all those apps on your laptop or desktop PCs on Mac or Windows platform.

Therefore how you will run such apps on PC you are not allowed to download them that would be the first question right. Secondly, how they will support on your windows or mac platform right. The option is very simple all you need is to download a simple emulator to run all the apps on your PCs. But, keep in that mind all the apps are build for iOS devices which are small in size and some other factors so the experience would be little bit different. Also the touch is a big factor where you will have to do all the touch work by your mouse or keyboard. There is another problem that you will face after you download any emulator or simulator that you won't find some apps available in the official App Store.
Free Run iOS Apps On Windows Or Mac
Free Run iOS Apps On Windows Or Mac
But, if you still consider your self for running most of the best apps on your PCs doesn't matter on windows or Mac then follow below instruction :

How do i Run iOS Apps On Mac or Windows platform using iPadian
One of the most advanced and featured not only that its completely free is iPadian Adobe air-based iOS emulator and support in all platform mac or windows. Download the iPadian simulator from here and after you completely install the software on your PCs, you will able to enter its own store from where you can download 100s of great iOS app. But, the problem is you can get them from App Store because the software will not support it so your choices will be very limited. If you still like to test feel free to test.
iPadian iOS Emulator For Windows And Mac
iPadian iOS Emulator For Windows And Mac

iPadian look is similar to iPad look on your PCs screen, and after you successfully launch it you will 100s of many different apps, email clients, web browser and many other interesting apps. The option will not be as mass as App Store but still you can try.

But, before you download the app from the above link be sure that your PCs has Adobe Air installed. If you currently do not have adobe Air installed on your computer you can download it from here and install. You also need to update your Adobe Flash to the latest version, and you also have to have Windows .NET framework. But, if it is not avaiable you will be asked on the time of the installation of iPadian.
iOS simulator for Windows And Mac
iOS simulator for Windows And Mac

If you a Mac user please download the iPadian from here.

Your experience will not be exact as you experience your on the iOS devices using your favourite apps. You might also don't find some of your favourite apps on iPadian store but still it is a really nice apps to run some of the great iOS apps on your Windows or Mac PCs.

Please share your experience with us via comments.

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