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Reporting to remove a fake account or ID from Facebook timeline is important because either its you or someone you know or even you think that it could be a fake account of someone. Because using someone else information identity photos is against the law as well as against Facebook terms and condition.

There are actually 1000's of fake account created each day on Facebook by imposter. Specially for girls it is one of the most common issue that they are regularly facing as well as for celebrities. You will find many account requesting to be your friend, or even it could be you that someone opened a fake account using your photos, information. There are also possibilities that there are actually fake account with the exact name of yours.

Facebook takes it very seriously and obliviously it will be confidential when it comes about their users safety. They take very fast action against any fake account. But, they usually complete the process with in 24 hours after reporting. The report also take sometimes as because they need to be verified either the account is Fake or Real.
Report Fake Account On Facebook Timline
Report Fake Account On Facebook Timline

We have already posted earlier about : How to identify a fake account on Facebook

Before we go any further you are required to know few factors that is necessary before you report an account.

  • Be sure that the account is fake by the identifying process explained in the above link.
  • Take a look of the photos of that account which belong to another account.

How to report a Fake account in Facebook timeline : 

Step 1: Go to the fake account timeline profile and just right corner bottom of cover picture click on the settings icon and select report.
Facebook timeline fake account report
Step 2: Select the second option Report This Account and click Continue
facebook timeline report this account
Step 3: Now you choose either If you think the timeline photos are your photos or someone you know like any of your friends from your friend list then you should choose  This timeline is pretending to be me or someone i know or if you are confident about this is a fake account then simply select This is a fake account or if you think the name is fake This timeline is using a fake name. and click on Continue again.
Facebook fake account reporting

Step 4: If you select the first option : This timeine is pretending to be me therefore you have to choose Me if you think the timeline profile is using your information, if you think that its one of your friend information then select someone i know or if its a celebrity select celebrity and press Continue.
If you select option two : This is a fake account therefore you have to select it was created to bully or harass me if you think its a fake account about you or if its a gamer then select gamer or characters that are not real like cartoons then select Pet cartoon or other characters or if any other reasons then simply select others and press Continue.

Step 5: Now the final step would be simply click on Submit to Facebook for review and press done.
Facebook fake account

You are done, now Facebook authorities will take a look at the profile and will take option against it based on your request.

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