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As many of us might have faced similar problem where you actually discovered your self you are no longer able to login into your Facebook account. There is a simple message showing that your account has been disabled or blocked or suspended. You might even don't know what could be behind reason of this blocking where you didn't even do anything which violates Facebook terms and condition. You might have thought lets give some times and it will be fix, later on days after days have gone but while you are trying to login to your account exactly same message is appearing.

What could be the exact reason for blocked or disabled account ?
There could be a 100 reasons that can block your id by Facebook authorities. We actually cannot give all the reasons as per as Facebook guidelines which you can read here. But, we have come with the major reasons that usually cause your account to be disabled.
Facebook disabled account
Facebook disabled account

  • Bullying about someone, which you have been warned but didn't listen to.
  • If a valid report submitted to Facebook against you.
  • You are posting adult or nudity on Facebook.
  • You didn't use your real name on Facebook.
  • Too many friend request has been send at a time.
  • You have joined too many groups or liked too many pages.
  • People reported you as a Fake account.
  • You are using someone else identity. 

There is actually lot of other reasons that could actually lead you to blocked by Facebook. Firstly, you must know that if you have provide Facebook your true identity than the trust case might increase as because they identified you as a true human. Firstly, you have to learn if your account has been suspended by mistake you should let Facebook know about it. by the following process as below:
Recover Disabled Facebook Account
Recover Disabled Facebook Account
Step 1: First, go to Facebook Link where you can submit a appeal for reactivate your account.
Step 2: In the first field, enter your login email address or phone number you used for your account.
Step 3: on the second field enter your complete name as it was in Facebook. 
Step 4: Upload your ID you can upload scanned or take a good quality photo where details are clearly visible of your identification. The ID could be any government issued ID eg: Driving licences, voter ID etc.
Step 5: If you have made any mistake and realise that in future it won't happen or if you think that your account has been blocked by mistake please describe it in the additional info field.
Step 6: Press the send button.
Step 7: You will receive auto confirmation of submission of your query to Facebook in your email inbox. Now wait a for few hours till Facebook reply to your Email.
Step 8: In case Facebook ask you for any additional information please submit it again in the same process. They will provide you the reason of why you have been suspended by Facebook. Now if you found that you made a mistake simply by doing the same process on the additional info request them to reactive as you made it by mistake and it won't happen in the future.

By this way you can actually recover or reactivate your Facebook disabled account. But, keep that in mind any major issue like if you are a imposter or you repeated the mistake many times there will be very less possibility that you will get your account recover.

If you still couldn't get any help thought the process and still stuck with your disabled account let us know via comments we will try to help you.

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