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iPhone are usually runs very fast in the beginning but suddenly after installing lots of apps and download files browsing and watching videos it become very slow day by day. It happens usually when junk files occupy spaces and you have very low space left on your device. If you want to improve your iPhone performance you will required to free up some storage space on your device. But, unfortunately you obviously don't like to delete your important files on the other hand after all the important files that you have like photos, musics, videos and others still you should have more spaces left on your device. But, it is showing that you have low space left on your device. It is because of the junk files.

Obviously you do not want to keep such junk unwanted files that are for no use at all.After deleting all the junk files your iPhone device will run more faster and performance will be improved. On the other hand you don't need to keep looking what should you delete.
iPhone 6s Plus

So, let us begin how you will fix the issue. First you are required to delete all cache on your iPhone as describe below:

How Do I clear cache on iPhone ?
It is definite while you use your iPhone device you surf web though your mobile data plans or wifi, run different apps which connect with internet and more. While you use all these over time it creates junk files, which does make a big impact on the performance of your iPhone including its speed and memory. So, you are required to clear your cache first on your iPhone and remove all the unwanted files fast. First you required to remove browser caches as below instructions :

1. How to delete safari cookies, cache and history on iPhone
It is very easy to remove all cookies, cache and history from your Safari browser iPhone. This will not only boost the performance of your iPhone, you will have more storage space, especially if you have not done this for a quite long time. Follow the below simple steps to delete cache, cookies and history from safari iPhone:

Step 1: Go to your iPhone Settings
Step 2: Now tap on Safari
Step 3: Select Clear History and Website Data
Step 4: Tap Clear History and Data.
Delete safari cookies cache history on iPhone
Delete safari cookies cache history on iPhone 

That's it, now all the previous data that occupied your iPhone stories on Safari has been deleted completely.

2. Clear apps junks, files junks, duplicate files and more on iPhone
That actually lot of apps that you regularly using on your iPhone. All these apps actually saves lot of unwanted data on your iPhone. There are lot of other file junks, duplicate files that might have occupied a lot of data on your iPhone. You can get hundreds of apps to clear such files from App Store. But, among them Battery Doctor is one of the finest and coolest app with advanced feature available for iOS and Android too. Battery Doctor is mainly designed to battery management and you can use it to delete junk files.

Below the steps how to use battery doctor app on iPhone from App Store :

Step 1: Download Battery doctor from here
Step 2: Install and launch the app
Step 3: Tap on Junk
Step 4: Clean up he cache
Step 5: Tap Clean.
Battery Doctor iPhone
Battery Doctor iPhone
You are done now battery doctor will remove all the unnecessary junk files from your iPhone.

3. How to clean iPhone Using Mac or Windows
If you do not like battery doctor instead of that you can use another cool app PhoneClean for your iPhone that you do not need to install on your smartphone and get rid of the junk files. It is actually a nicely featured iPhone cleaner. The app is mainly designed for cleaning all the junk files on your iPhone from your MAC or PC and free up some spaces. You do not required to install the app directly to your smartphone you just simply need to install it on your Mac or PC. Here below instruction how you will use PhoneClean on Mac Or Windows:
Step 1: Download PhoneClean from here.
Step 2: Install the software on your Mac Or Windows PC
Step 3: After successfully installing the software, simply connect your phone via USB cable
Step 4: Now launch PhoneClean and choose Quick Clean option.
Step 5: Now click on Start Scan and the app will start scanning for junk files
Step 6: Click on clean will remove all the junk files from your iPhone.
PhoneClean to clean iPhone for Mac And Windows
PhoneClean to clean iPhone for Mac And Windows

This app is very useful to clear your iPhone junks directly from your Mac or Windows PC.

After completing all the above instruction if you feel and still notice that your phone is running slow than the usual, one of the most effective ways to clear the memory and speed things up a bit is by restarting your phone.

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