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Among all the current routers Google OnHub is one of the specially designed compact wireless router that you can easily use with any of your Android or iOS devices. Not only that it also have great hardware for the future smart home features.

Because it is not just like all the other router that can be found on the market now. It is very simple that when its about Google we are expecting something more with advanced technology. If you are thinking about the looks and feel ? well don't worry it is one of the great designed router. That you could even display in the living room, instead of hidden away in any place where people can't see it. Not only that it is very easy to use which is most convenient and its fun and if you are Android OS users than this is the device for you.
Google OnHub Router
Google onHub Router
There is actually number of lacking that you will face at the launch time. You are required to connect to your Google account in order to fully function. You will only have one single local network port that is very disspointing for everyone because we need hardware with multiple products that is not such a great wireless friendly behaviour. On the other hand the performance of the router was average in speed and coverage compare to other speedy routers on the market.

But, if you are looking for something for home use and if you are not need of a large number of coverage including single local network cable will work for you, than i must say that Google OnHub will be the best choice for you specially for its looks. Specially if you are looking for a way to share your broadband connection to multiple mobile handheld devices and you don't mind the fact that said router is always be connected to Google. But, yet lot more feature yet to come, so in the future when there will be a software update there is actually possibilities that the feature and functionality and even the performance can change significantly.

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