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Facebook is a place where you can easily make everything easily and fast but for that you required some tricks and tips to make it. Facebook Group is one of the major attraction because in group you can invite your friends to join the group and post your updates and discuss with them just like timeline. Facebook Timeline Group is the best place for any discussion with your personal choice friends or other members. You can make it private and invited members only can join the group. You can even add admin to your groups the people that you trust to help you to organize the group.

Groups are different than pages as because you can make it secret means it will not appear on search, closed means it will appear on search but nobody will able to enter without your permission and public means everyone can join. On the other hand group have some exciting feature that group post get into notification, group post because turn into news feed feature posts. So, your group posts will appear on members news feed on top. Groups are more active than pages.
Add all friends to group in single click
Add all friends to group in single click
You will might have find out that how you will invite your friends to groups. But, the problem is that you have to select your friends one by one and send them group request which is very annoying and time consuming. For example if you have 2000 friends on your list and if you would like to invite them all it becomes very difficult and time consuming time. You can actually use some tricks to get rid of such trouble where you can invite all your friends just by single click with in a minute.

The process might take some times as it will select all your friends together so you might need to wait around 5 to 10 minutes or more depending on your internet connection speed. But, after the auto selection process will complete you will able to invite all your friends with in just a single click of a button.

Below the process how to invite all your friends to Facebook group at once:
Step 1: Login to your Facebook profile.
Step 2: Now open the Facebook group in which you want to invite your friends to join.
Step 3: Now when you are in the group page click on F12 key on your keyboard to open debugger and then select console box.
Step 4: Then you are required to copy a script from this link.
Add friends to facebook group at once

Step 5: Copy and paste the whole provided code and then paste them into the console box as above.

The script is tested and safe for use if your script is not working let us know. If you have many friends as we have explain earlier please wait a while until the script select all your friends. Also remember do not add many friends to group in a short period of time otherwise there is a big risk that your account will get blocked or locked for a while. You can usually invite or add 50 friends at time and do other later.

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