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Facebook has announced its new feature called Security Checkup which simple check all your security issue related to your Facebook account to make it more secure in past month July 2015. Its a new and great process for all the users who are very concern about their account security. It might have prompted but you ignore and couldn't figure out how you will use the security feature.

We would like to let you know a little bit about What Is Security Checkup Facebook :

  1. It will automatically logout your account from all browser and apps you have used till now.
  2. You will get login notification whenever you try to login to your account from any other browser and Ip which is not saved in your browser list.
  3. A little bit more about a secure and strong password.
  4. The feature only works for desktop or laptop based users.
So we can start how to use Security Checkup Account on Facebook :

Step 1: Visit Facebook Security Checkup website here.

Step 2: On you will see a button name Start Security Checkup click on it.
Facebook Security Checkup
Facebook Security Checkup

Step 3: Now you have to follow three process from the new prompted Stay Secure On Facebook :
Facebook Account Security

  • Log Out of Unused Apps : the browsers and apps that you have logged in previously and do not use any longer/ you should choose this and logged out your account from all unwanted apps and browsers.
  • Get Login Alert : You will get notification to your mobile phone whenever from any browser anyone or even your self try to login which are not saved. This is one of great security feature to secure your account.
  • Protect Your Password: To get a good idea about password. A strength and strong password is very nessasary. Because those who will try to access your account will try to brute force or guess your password. So, using a strong and none guessable password is very necessary. 
Now after you have completed all the above security tips by Facebook your account will be mostly secured. But, nobody actually can give you 100% guarantee about the safety of your account. If you take the above steps it might give you the best security till today.

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