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Facebook new feature called Assistant M powered by artificial intelligence which is a great tool that will help Facebook messenger users to easily book appointments, shopping online and lot more functions. This new utility is called M by Facebook which has been launched to few hundred people in the Bay Area before it expands to everyone around the globe.

The digital assistant M that help people in their daily life activity, as we can see Cortana, Google Now, Siri and other competitors are giving limited information access to its users. But, this new utility actually helps to complete tasks by its self on behalf of the user.

If you are thinking about your privacy issue than you don't need to be concern about it when its about Assistant M because it does not use any information shared with its parent service. It simply ask questions about what people want, and simply provide the answer for that question. It is actually Facebook Digital Messenger Assistant that will talk and behave like a human to assist you. In future there will be more advance and update version will launch. But, as Facebook always do it firstly, see how its user react on the particular update and than go for next.
Facebook Digital Assistant M
Artificial Intelligence Facebook Digital Assistant M Messenger

As we can see its far better than Google Now or even Microsoft Cortana as it does not collecting any short of personal data from your. All your data will be secured at all time.

What it can do for is can purchase items, get gifts delivered to your loved ones, book restaurants, travel arrangements, appointments and way more by it self on behalf.

As for the starting the M Assistant is limited to few hundred people for now which is a very small portion of its 1 billion daily active users. It could be actually a very effective marketing policy that you are very excited about a toy and telling everyone's about it so they get excited and wait for the big blast. That might be a little bit time consuming factor as well as nobody actually likes to wait but than its about Facebook time move faster than normal.

Millions of people might be waiting their assistant that they will get suggestion and helps to make their digital life more comfortable fun and easy at Facebook, but you will need to wait until Facebook makes it available for everyone.

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