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We have come with the a huge collection of giant social network Facebook emoticons. You can choose the one you like from our list and post them on your status, chatting with friends, comments and more. Not only that you will find the most popular list also included with large number of new 2015 and old Emoji emoticons.

From just right away you can easily express yourself to your friends and family not only with large sentence with just simple emoticons. Make them happy and show them are you happy, or even sad, or in love, cranky, thinking, confused or experiencing just about any other emotion while decorating your Facebook status, comments and chat with our great collection of Facebook emoticon list.

Express your emotion with smiley emoticons make a conversation more fun and interesting. While interacting with the people you like and love show them something interesting on the screen that they either going to laugh about, emoticons smiley are the best way to do so. Our list has very simple and easy way to copy and pase system to make it more easier for you. To use all those Emoji icons/emoticons/smiley all you required to do is select the symbol you like and then Copy and Paste where you want it to be. Either on your chatting screen, or even at your comment section, or simply add to your status to make it look more interesting. In case that you while you are posting any of the symbol at Facebook and its showing a empty square, don't worry after you submit the post it will automatically convert the Square To Emoji icon. So lets get started ....
Emoticon Smiley Facebook
Emoticon Smiley Facebook
Most popular Facebook Smiley/Emoticon List:

Icon - Code  -  Details
    :)     Simple Emoticon Facebook
   :D     Big Smiley Facebook
   :(    Upset Smiley Facebook
  :'(    Cry Smiley Facebook
  :P     Tongue Emoticon Facebook
  O:)    Angel Smiley Facebook
   3:)      Devil Emoticon Facebook
 o.O     Confused Smiley Facebook
   ;)         Wink Emoticon Facebook
 :O       Surprice Emoticon Facebook
-_-     Shut Up Smiley Facebook
>:O      Angry Smiley Facebook
  :*       Kiss Smiley Facebook
     <3      Love Heart Emoticon Facebook
  ^_^     Kiki Smiley Facebook
8-)       Glasses Smiley Facebook
8|      Sun Glasses Emoticon Facebook
(^^^)        Shark Emoticon Facebook
:|]       Robot Smiley Facebook
>:(       Grumpy Smiley Facebook
:v       Pacman Emoticon Facebook
:/       Unsure Smiley Facebook
:3       Curly Lips Smiley Facebook
☺       Blush Emoticon Facebook
(y)      Thump Up Like Facebook
:poop:    Poop Smiley Facebook

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