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The place where you get everything all together, again comes with its new way of sharing moments with your friends and family using photos. The current Facebook moments has been published for iOS and Android version. Today, the service is available in many more languages and countries.

So, what does the app do for you. It actually grab dozen or more photos from your moments and simply transform them into a nice video that you can easily edit like you like and after you done with your finishing touch simply share it with friends and family on the service.

The Facebook moments actually use the facial recognition and timestamps to find the great photos in which you were captured but may be weren't tagged in or told about.  It offers the photos in a combined gallery, assuming permission is given and as a result everyone gets access to those particular photos. It is a very nice way to get access to photos from an event that you didn't even take by your self but that include you among them.
facebook moments

So, not by wasting any more time move on to our app that we can create the video.

Step by Step guide how to create Facebook Moments video Android And iOS:

Step 1: First you need to download the app from below:
Facebook Moments Google Play Store Android Download Link
Facebook Moments iTunes iOS Download Link

Step 2: Now install the app in your smartphone and RUN and you will see a loading screen with balloons. [Remember you required to have facebook app installed and logged in]
facebook moments video

Step 3:  Now you will notification of information about sync photos, swipe 3 times and click on Continue as [Your Facebook Name].
facebook moments photos sync
Step 4: You will have to wait 30 seconds so that the app group and grab all your photos.
facebook moments photo groups
Step 5: Than you will ready to sync, it will suggest you to share photos with your friends if they have moment installed they will get it though moment, if not than on messenger. You can also Skip or Sync your first suggestion.

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