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Google has recently announced its new OS update Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This actually brings a massive changes to Google Android OS and absolutely more advance option for the users. We know that Android is one of the most user friendly, advanced, use to use, hundreds of free apps OS current in the market.

In our regular life while using smartphone it is very important that our children should be safe while they are using it too. In this digital fast world kids are getting gadgets, smartphone so easily.  Specially youngsters who is under 18 is an important issue to control things that they shouldn't be watching before their appropriate age. It is not possible that you can keep an eye on your child all the day long. Even watching what they are doing on phone or android devices is something that is far impossible all the time. 

Controlling children from adult content viewing like pornography, nudity etc is easy on such devices just we do at our home PC or laptop. Kids will be always interesting on something that they don't usually get. Simply, kids do not have idea what actually good for them or bad. Its the parents who can actually have to control them and make them understand their limits.
block porn android
Block Porn Android
But, as we can see now a days kids are more getting into adult content because of the fast world devices where they can actually grab such things so easily. As we described earlier Android OS is one of the most advanced mobile operating system and the key advantage is that you can actually get most of the app for free. So, there are actually 100's of apps that can give you the relief that your kid is safe while using such devices.

We have collected the most advantage parent control free apps that for android devices. You can get them all for free from Google Play Store.

Free apps to block adult content like pornography nudity on android devices:

1. Parental Control & App Lock
These two apps actually give you an advance feature to control your child from viewing adult contents. The parental Control includes kids launcher where you can set up the time limits on using apps, you can track the location and many more option. Use can use simple PIN code to access to parental control settings and not only that it can actually have the option where you can block incoming/outgoing sms and calls as well.
Parental Control And App Lock
Parental Control And App Lock
On the other hand App lock is one the advance app that can give you option to block apps that your kid are not allowed to use. Such as you can restrict them using Google Play Store so that they will not able to download any apps without your permission. Rather than that you can block access to the other apps as well.

2. Set OpenDNS Family Shield Without App
Another simple way that you can easily block adult content viewing for your kids is by using OpenDNS which is a great and simple way for blocking even you don't have to use any third-party app for it.

Normally by default we are use DNS that comes from our Internet Service Provider, but we have the option that we can replaced it with OpenDNS IP address than every request send from our phone will pass through OpenDNS server and the OpenDNS will view all the activity. In case of the requested URL found inappropriate example any adult content like porn website then OpenDNS will simply block the content and it will not be viewable.

For setting up OpenDNS as your default DNS simply follow the below steps:

Go to your smartphone or tablet Setting > WiFi > select your home WiFi > advance option > change dns setting > now add the below values.

DNS 1: 
DNS 2: 
OpenDNS Android
OpenDNS Android
It only works on rooted devices.The service is maintained by a large organization and whenever a new adult content website or such things is added on the web it update its filter regularly. But, another fact is that they can simply change the DNS so it is better if you set the DNS at your router. Another important thing is that you should use app blocker that can prevent your kid from using Google Play Store from where they can use DNS apps.However another problem that you will face if the device is not connected with your home WIFI like if your kid is outside and using some other WiFi or mobile data. Therefore in such case OpenDNS is not useful at all.

3. Norton Family Parental Control
Norton family parental control is one of the most advanced app that can actually make sure of the safety of your kids help you to teach your kids healthy online habits and enable safe exploration. You can view your your child android activity, also prevent to access unsuitable web contents, inappropriate mobile apps and all other online risks as well.You will able to get all details at your mail box whatever your child is doing on the android device.
Norton Family Parental Control Android
Norton Family Parental Control Android

4. ShieldMyTeen Parental Control
App that can limit the access for your kid to any inappropriate content on internet is ShieldMyTeen but it has advance options with more restrictions. From blocking harmful content, dangerous website, pornography also ensuring a safe internet surfing experience. It actually uses a very smart category-based system to scan, identify and classify millions of websites around the globe and billion of web pages into categories that you can allow or block for your child on android devices.The app have option to block adult content through different blocking system like keywords based, category based and white list or black list based.
ShieldMyTeen Parental Control
ShieldMyTeen Parental Control

Web Filter with App Control
Simple but yet powerful Web filter with App Control is stable and powerful app with built-in browser for cloud based filter access by your email and password. This app will block all adult content on your smartphone and tablet.This app gives you the option where you can see what your kid is browsing and also from any other remote computer too. You can actually filter and add the website that you would to block access to your child from your computer. This app blocks all third party browsers like UCbrowser etc and you have option is to surf through default browser only. This app actually have many other advance app that will be very suitable for you to control and prevent your child from accessing inappropriate contents.
Web Filter With App Control Android
Web Filter With App Control Android

Moreover you will find hundred of apps that actually have such similar feature that can prevent parents to control their child from access such appropriate content and unsure they complete safety. But, keep that in mind while using such apps you need to keep an eye on updates of the apps.

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