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From brands to individuals everyone love to have a unique popular Facebook page with more likes. For brands its more important as Page Likes is one of the major marketing solution to target huge audience.There are different types of brands like clothing, restaurants, agencies, real estates, shoes, accessories, bags, gadgets, computers and more are interested to increase their daily likes. Larger brands even have big budgets to target Facebook Likes on daily, weekly, monthly even yearly basis.

You are looking for better solution each day to take your page on the top list according to your niche pages. Only increasing like will not allow your fans to become real business for you. It is also important that the likes that you currently have will turn into business. Turning all of them into customers will take time and patients. If you are running out of time then you will required to work very hard but do not engage posting too much as it will be annoying for the audiences in your page.
According to the recently surveys, almost every company have Facebook Fan Page where some of them are doing successful business and some are not. Every marketing is depend on its strategy planning and concepts. Most of the page managers are following others footsteps and turning their pages more likely similar to others.

  • So how you will increase the page likes traffic ? 
  • What can make your fan likes increase faster ?
  • Simple solutions for marketing of Facebook page?

The listed solutions can make an great effect to your current page situation.

How to get more Facebook Page Likes

1) Stop Following : Never follow others footsteps because the audience you are targeting have already seen what you are showing now. You are audience have be very much important for you as they will work just like you - increase likes. The more they are engaged at your page, there will be more chances that your page will be discovered to other people.

It is very important to keep it unique so that people become more engaged on share and like therefore, their friend's will be notified on their news feed.

2) Like Box on Pages and Blogs: Engaged your website traffic to your Facebook page, So that you  keep in touch with them to let me know about your updates. Make it more discoverable as far as you can that includes your Facebook presence using the marketing channels you already have, and removing any kind of barriers for existing contacts to like your page.
On your website or blog is it best to use all the different types of social plugins share bars to get audience Like your page without even going to Facebook.

Your like box is very much essential as it is only letting your traffic to like your page. It is the one of the best way to leverage social proof to amplify your page. Not only that it also shows your current likes, people's faces who already liked your page. You can go to Facebook customization fan box page to get it the way you want.

3) Discover On Search Results: It is very important that the content you share is very useful relevant and helpful to people. People love to search what they are looking for. So it is very important to keep your content friendly to search results. You should keep that in mind every content that you share on your page is indexed by major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and more.

If you are giving something which is unique then keep that in mind that your content need to be future interested topic for people. For example, you are showing a product which might get popular in the future. Then you will be discover at first pages on search engines.

Keywords are very important for search engines. So, your content should include keywords that are more-likely to be searched by audience you are targeting for.

4) Inviting Contacts: You have friends family and relatives who are connected with you on Facebook. Tell them to get engaged at your page. Tell them to share, like and give good reviews also encourage them to invite their friends.

Considering email contacts are also useful to get more likes. You can upload your email list on Facebook, and those from your list who are using Facebook will be made more likely to be see a suggestion to like your page in places like "Recommended Pages". This function will not work for the people from your contacts who are not using Facebook.

You can simply go to Build Audience tab located at the top right of your Facebook page now select Invite Email Contacts. You can send up to 7000 contact each day and maximum 5000 contacts at a single time. After waiting a bit you will see what changes it has made on your page.
5) Promote on other social networks: You have the option opened for you that you can share you page on twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus, YouTube and more. The fans and friends on the other social network will be connected to your Facebook page.

You can simply use Twitter tweet option occasionally to promote your Facebook Fan Page. But, do not engage too much because it might be annoying for your friends and fans on other social network. You can also connect other social networks with your Facebook page. You should maintain a mannered way so that people won't take you as a spammer.

6) Video Sharing: Sharing videos on sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Vemeo can boost your Page Likes. When you share any video on the video sharing sites you can simply add your Facebook page URL on description and tell the viewers to like your page to get more similar staffs and updates. But, this strategy also depend upon the video you are sharing. If your video is popular then you are good to go.

Make sure when you are giving the URL at the description, you must give good reason to like your Fan Page for the video audience. People love to Like something that will be useful for them in the future as well.

7) Killer Contents: Posting useful and valuable content can boost your Fan Likes. As helpful contents will made the audience to engaged in sharing. The more the share will be the more audience and search value for your page.

By treating your fans in the best way will increase your likes, that is how you are interacting with them and building a great relationship with your page fans. Don't think posting a single content will make your page as the most valuable resource, if you consistently publish high quality, helpful, useful and relevant posts to Facebook, you have a great chance that most of your fans will think of you as a valuable resource and check back on you frequently.
Don't get too confused before posting, it is just you have to know what to publish ? that can attract your audience. You need to do a good research on quality posts and how you will make your own. You can consider your likes, share and comments that you usually doing on Facebook. That engage you the most and which kind of posts you like most. What actually inspired you ? now use that observations to inspire your future posts at your page.

8) Be in it: Don't be too lazy, you have to be active for getting more Facebook Likes. It is not just as simple as profile editing and initial push. To continue growing steadily, you need to maintain a very good presence, hard work and effort.
Posting seven posts in single day and waiting next seven days doing nothing will not be an appropriate idea, but if you divide seven posts into seven days can boost your audience. Not only does this mean posting educational, insightful content on a regular basis, but it is also very important that you monitor your presence and interacting with your fans regularly. You can do better by asking question, answering questions and participate in discussions with those posting on your page. You can also post different posts like funny, shocking and important news that can attract your fans. You always need to find, follow and build a good relationships with others in your niche. Create a great presence and example worth following.

9) Promoting by Ads: If you are thinking of fast process of growing your Fan Likes organically then Facebook Ads is the best way to drive a huge audience ultimately, convert them into customers.Even If you have limited budget, that would be enough for starting, incorporating some paid advertising into your Facebook strategy can help you boost your audience easily and fast. From there you can start working on engaging them into your page.

You can also target the audience you are looking for. For example if your product is for children then it is not important to target children in Facebook right ? Not that is not possible as children are not allowed to use Facebook. So, you will need to target their parents. You can even target only mother's by selecting age, gender in the Facebook ad setup. You can actually able to setup which types of traffic you are looking for. Facebook also offers a great type of ad called a Page Like Ad that gives you the option which contains a CTA suggesting that users like your Facebook Page. These ads can appear in users News Feeds or in the ad column on the right-hand side of their web browser when they are on Facebook.

10) Important Tips: Last but not least, important tips that you need to build a great fan page and engage more audience :

  • Creative cover page.
  • Reply to every comment.
  • Don't ban or delete comments. (except: spammers)
  • Don't make your posts too lengthy and use great photos for promoting your posts.
  • Give away free staffs to fans if they Share and Like your page.
  • Create contest that engage more audience. 
  • Keep your topics with the treads, Celebrity topics can give you huge response.
  • Posting important news, wishing, reminders engaged people most. 
  • Target milestone and track each time.
  • Never forget your fans :)
Building audience might be easy in some ways, but keeping them at your page and giving them what they are looking for makes your page better. 

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