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Recently, you might have seen lot of spam videos even include nudity which attracting users to click on them. Deleting the spam videos from Facebook news feed is very necessary. If you seen anything that seems suspicious to you even posted by your friend don't click on it. Simply remove the post and report it directly to Facebook. By this way you are saying your friends as well as your self.

Now the problem is that if in case you accidentally click on any of the video what will happen ? it will firstly, redirect you to another page. That page will can have keylogger, season stealer, malware, spyware and much more. It can store your Facebook sessions and use them for many purposes. It can cause you massive trouble including disabled account. You didn't do anything why will Facebook disable your account ? without your knowledge those viruses will send the video link to Facebook and for that Facebook will ban your account. The links can be send by posting on Facebook, directly to your friends messages inbox and many other ways. As simple as that these video link are quite risky for you in various purpose.

How do i know either the video posts are risky ?

  • All videos will have unusual different link of forwarding URL such as : [code], CABIBENU.COMMONDATASTORAGE.GOOGLEAPIS.COM [/code]
  • The video will be something about celebrities like leaked videos, leaked photos, and unusual news. A secret that you never found on any website.
  • Nudity, pornography.
  • A message like if you watch the video Facebook will give $1 donation or other brand names.
  • A shocking news that can blows your mind.
There might be a lot of other types of video links hackers are posting each and everyday.

How i will get ride of spam virus videos on Facebook?

  • Before you click on any video link on Facebook check either the URL is inside Facebook or redirect to outside of Facebook. If the video is inside Facebook or any other video share sites like YouTube then you are good to go.
  • If you accidentally click on them Log out from Facebook instantly this will destroy the current session.
  • Change your password right away.
  • Check either you have any unusual browser extension in Firefox or plugins in Google Chrome is running. Remove them imminently if you found one. 
  • Remove your browser history and your recent activity log from PC.
  • Turn on your firewall.
  • Use malware software like malwarebytes, or anti viruses with internet security.
  • Scan your PC.
These tips can keep you in the safe place. Always remember if something is wrong going on your Facebook than it is from your PC not saved in Facebook. So, a file that creating the trouble directly from your PC. So, find out the file and delete it will solve your problem.

If you still couldn't find the solution share with us via comments and we will let you know how you will get ride of it.

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