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Today's days video become more attracting treads for everyone. Facebook timeline is now being full with many videos from different pages and friends on the lists. Some are just sharing for fun and others for promoting products. But, considering the automatically playing videos, it become very annoying while we are just on News Feed a random noise just blows up.

How you will stop the videos being played automatically in your news feed ?

Facebook has a default feature that videos chip being played automatically, and it can be very much frustrating not to mention surprising to be blasted by the sound of someone else's child or cat doing something hilarious or even a car horn just shakes your head.

Not only that the video that automatically playing is using data, which is fine if you are using Wi-Fi, broadband connection but if you are using a limited data plan like cellular company then it is going to give you a pain.

Here's how you will able to stop automatically video playing in Facebook
Step 1: Go to your Facebook Settings from top right bar.
Step 2: Scroll down a little bit and on your left-sidebar click on the Video tab.
Step 3: Now on the right panel auto play videos simply change it from default to Off.

This will simply turn off automatically video playing. If you stilling having issues you can ask us via comments.

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