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Recently Facebook is adding a new location based feature that will tell where you are to the person you are communicating with. We love the new feature that comes with Facebook mobile app "place tips". This is just as simple that you are going to show your friends from where you are contacting with them.

Now with the new Place Tips it will also show your like place's Facebook page posts, upcoming events and popular menu items.

How the feature works exactly ?
The Facebook place tips usually use the cellular network(You sim company network), Wi-Fi location and GPS to grab your exact location. It is not just that everyone will see wherever you are which means your entire friends list are not allowed to see.
Facebook Location Place Tips

Is there any way to turn it off?
When something is added on Facebook, the developers keep that mind there might be dis-advances too that users will not feel good about. So, they keep the option that you can simply turn off the location place tips manually

The giant social network is also testing a new Facebook Bluetooth beacons, a simple device that sends a signal to users mobile to help them get the exact right tips for the right place, making place tips more accurate and relevant.

Currently, This new feature is only avail for Facebook iPhone users. But sooner Facebook will open this new feature for rest of the worlds android devices.

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