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Many of you have seen that some popular brands celebrities having blue ink marked Facebook verified before the name. There are others who looking for such a way that how they make their profile or page verified by Facebook.

Well, you might have search many places but haven't find your answers yet. Facebook does not allow you to verify the account or page automatically. They do it manually by them self. But, there is procedure that you can request Facebook to verify your account or page. But, few condition applicable because not all profile and pages are need to be verified as per Facebook guidelines.#
Facebook Verified Badge
First Step is to ask or request Facebook to take a look at your page or account - Facebook Verify Account OR Page Request Form

After you complete the form Facebook team look at your matter and if they found that your account or page is authentic voice of the business or individual.
Facebook Verified Badge Contact Form

You have to keep that in mind that not all account or pages will be verified because it belong to only a small amount of prominent public figures such as celebrities, journalists, government officials, popular brands and business with large audiences on Facebook is proactively verifying authentic Pages and Profile that are at the greatest rick of impersonation.

Things You must know:

  • Does your Facebook page or account is official presence of any popular celeb, brands ?
  • Does your Facebook currently or has a high chance of being impersonated such as fake accounts and pages ?
  • Does your Facebook page have large likes (audience) more than 20k+ Fans or followers.
  • Is your page is question running Facebook ads or similar ? 

What things needed to request on form submission
First of all it is very much important that you provide right information and identity when you are trying to submit your Facebook page or account to be verified. This will simply reduce the unnecessary back and forth that may occur between you and Facebook team. Including all relevant information will also decrease the likelihood of your request being dismissed. It is simple that they find so many requests.But, we can share a few important notes for you.
Below take a look before your submit request form:

  • You request the URL or Address of your fan page (Facebook Page Link)
  • You will request a official website 
  • You need to show 2-3 impersonating fan pages that claims to be you
  • Finally, a very good reason that why should the page need to be verified. (If you have no good answer for this question you should leave submitting form)

In case of your request has been denied:
There are possibilities that Facebook might not verify your account or pages because you are not suitable for their criteria. There are many others ways that can help your followers or the people that like your Page know that your identity is authentic and you the real one.
You can simply link to your Facebook profile or page from your official website. You can complete the About section of your profile or page to provide more information as far as possible.

If you find the link is not working anymore, please make a comment and subscribe to our blog to get the latest Facebook update and tips. We will soon add more links for requesting Verified Page or Account if they remove the contact form and replace with a new one. So, keep in touch !

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