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Have you ever imagine that you can use Skype on your browsers specially when you are having trouble with the Skype app for windows 8 and messenger. Sometimes we really face problem while login in to our accounts using the Skype app or messenger. several messages like, your password and username is incorrect, you have given wrong password, you are already logged in with another PC.

Due, to such problems we try again and again to login to our skype account but failed to do so. But, we really have to get online fast and can't wait to find the solution for now because its really urgent to make a voice or HD video call to someone. So, lets not just find the solution and easily login to our skype account using our favorite web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet explorer 8 or higher for Windows and Mac both.
Skype on web browser for voice and video calls
You have a new option that let you voice or video calls in HD from worldwide using a simple plug-in by Microsoft. This plug-in let you call your skype contacts easily by signing in with your existing Skype account from your browser. So, you do not need to install any apps or messenger just call your friends from your browser anytime anywhere.

To make calls with Skype follow the steps:
Step 1: Go to or from your browser and sign up for a free account if you already don't have one. Now once you have successfully created your account, sign in.
How to make call skype video or voice calls on mozilla firefox and chrome

Step 2: After Sign In simply click on the messaging icon on the top right corner and the messaging pane will appear on the right side bar. From there select Add people to chat with section and click Skype Contacts.
make call from web skype
Step 3: A new window will appear asking you to install the Skype plug-in to set up calling from your outlook. If it doesn't appear you can get it from here.
skype web browser
Step 4: Simply download the plug-in (Skype Web Plug-in) and install it on your PC.

Step 5: After the plug-in is installed, you'll be asked if you'd like to merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts so you can see your Skype contacts in To merge, simply sign in using your Skype credentials and click Continue. If you didn't already have a Skype account, here's where you can get one.
Skype merge with outlook or hotmail
Step 6: Once you are done you can select any of your friend from the messaging pane, the first time you run Skype in a browser, your browser might ask you to give Skype permission to run. Select Always Run On This Site if you want to be able to use Skype later on from your browser.
Skype web plug-in

This function gives you full ability and functionality to use Skype voice and video call feature from your browser without even installing any browser. let your friends know about it by sharing ...

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