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Are you looking for a trick to bypass SMS verification that you can use create multiple Facebook profiles with the same phone number you previously registered.Because of  Facebook's default security reasons, you are allowed to create limited accounts with the same IP (internet protocol) address. When you register multiple accounts with the same IP address you need to verify your self by mobile phone SMS code verification number.

Facebook does not allow you to create multiple accounts with the same number, but using a simple tip that allow you easily bypass the SMS verification using single number for multiple accounts as many as you want.
Facebook mobile verification bypass
 So, here is the trick Easily Bypass SMS verification for Multiple Facebook Accounts:

Step 1: Open a new email account and Sign up a new Facebook account with your details.
Facebook sign up form
Step 2: Now as you have already crossed the limitation of multiple accounts registration with the same IP address you will required to verify your new account registration via mobile SMS verification. You will required to delete your number from any of your accounts you have previously registered.To deleted your old number from your account visit your settings > mobile and remove number.
Facebook Mobile Settings
Step 3: Than simply enter your phone number for your new account SMS verification and delete it when the verification is complete. This way you can do as follow just by removing your number from Facebook Mobile settings and create multiple accounts with the same number.

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