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Are you looking for one of the first location based social network app by Flickr that let you find your friends and let you add them by their location from your iOS. This app let you to do lot of fun stuffs you haven't done with all other social media apps.

The older version of the app is called Pinwhell and have been for private for the beta testing. After two years of hard working Flickr has finally launched its one of the finest social networking  iOS app Thursday.

Findery Takes a hyperlocation approach to social discovery. You can simply pin notes, that you can make visible for public or make it private for your self and friends only, to locations on a map. You notes can consist anything that you do on your social networks like pics and tips, to trvia, to personal emos about an individual personal experience at that location.
Free Download Findery iPhone App
 The app is all about maps. When you open the app for the first time, users are greeted with lot of "notemaps" themed collections of notes from users about nearby locations. Users can also slide over the map view to see a map of their current location and track all the notes people have about nearby places. It a very fun have to use and enjoying to find out your friends lives near you.

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