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In case of you are looking the best and easiest way to save all your favorite Instagram videos and photos / images / photos on your Android device without rooting you can use a simple app that let you allow you to grab them all on your phone.

Whever you are browsing Instagram on normal web browser like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera it is very easy to save the photos you like simply by click Save As. Videos might take a bit more work and need to install plug-ins so that you can download them from Instagram web. But what happen whenever you are on your Android phone, if you like photos and want to save on your Android, watch a very exciting or funny video and want to save it so that you can watch later again. Saving your photos and videos is a bit more difficult on Android. By default you have two option to do that, either you have to crop screenshots might not give you the full image and quality, or you can root your device.

EasyDownloader a great app that gives you full freedom to save your photos and videos you desire from your Instagram feed without the need of cropping or even rooting. Instead, saving content is just a couple of taps that would be need for you do complete your work. So, here we go:

Step 1: You will required to download a copy of EasyDownloader from Google Play Store on your Android 3.0 or higher device. Keep that mind that there are different apps that comes with same name so use the link we provided. (Note: You will required to have Instagram app installed before installing this application) 
Step 2: Now tap on the app to activate the download feature, then tap the Instagram icon just near the top-right corner on your screen.
Download Instragram Photos And Videos on Android
Step 3: Now visit the photo or video you will like download or save from your Instagram, when you come across the photo or video, tap the three dots under it and choose Copy Share URL. Instead of copying the original link, the content will be saved to your device Gallery. An alert will appear in the notification shade when the download is complete. You can just follow the same steps for all your photos and videos you like to save.
Download Instragram Photos And Videos on Android

Note : When your download is complete, and you are not required to download any more for now. You can simply turn off the running process of the app. The app will not exit and will be running in the background until you do not open the app and tap the power icon in the to-right corner and tap exit.

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