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Facebook is one of the popular video streaming sites, where people from all other the world upload thousands of videos each day. Have you found a video of your friend, artist, pages and want to save on your hard drive. There might be many reasons why people download videos and watch them offline, cause of slow internet connection, afraid the person will remove the video lately, want to have the video saved so you can watch it later even if you don't have internet connection or just want to transfer the video to your phone to watch it later ? if you want to do any of this, you will need to grab or download the video from Facebook. Below follow the Quickly and easily download Facebook videos for free guide, even the person set the video as private.

Method 1: Quickly download Facebook videos
While you are going to download any video from Facebook, you need to know that the video is hosted by Facebook. Because they allows the linking of videos from other websites, and users are allowed to host videos directly on Facebook. You can see the video host is underneath the preview and title of the video. If there is no host listed that means they video is uploaded directly to Facebook.

If the video is hosted from any other website like youtube, dailymotion etc you can simply follow this guide.

Now lets continue our guide to download Facebook videos:
Step 1: You will required to copy the URL of the video from Facebook. Right click on the video and copy the Link Location or you can simply click on the video and copy the URL from the address bar of your browser.
Step 2: After you copy the direct URL link of the video you like to save on your computer, you can use different methods to get it. But the simplest and easiest way to do so, go to or or
The website provide you to download your favorite videos from Facebook.
You can choose any of the link and on the Enter the video link box you just simply need to copy paste the URL you have copied from Step 1 just like below:
If you use you can also choose different format to download the video. For example : mp4, 3gp, avi etc.

Step 3: After you successfully given the URL in the box simply press the Download button right after the box. You will required to wait a few seconds so that the website grab the video from Facebook and give you an external download link to download the video. Just simply click on the link or Download the video button and your download will start shortly.

Earlier we have posted many other methods to download Facebook videos lets take a look here.

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