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Are you looking for such ways that you can get better battery life of your Android device ? Android is one of the most popular Mobile Operating System but with a very bad rap of short battery life. You might have faced different problems while using your very favorite Android smartphone and suddenly turned off because of low battery. It is very frustrating for a user to charge up several times a day to keep the phone running.

If you are using the default settings you will face the problem for sure, but making few simple adjustments can increase the power of running your smartphone or tablet for a longer period and give you a battery boost.
Android low battery
Disable GPS: Reporting & History
If you want to boost your battery life the first and most important think that you need to do is turning of your GPS. GPS uses a huge battery hog, as it harnesses data from the phone's or tablet GPS chip, cell phone towers and Wi-Fi hotspots to find your exact location. It automatically surveys and track down the place you are currently staying and keeps the record up to date, the more its tracking you the more battery it uses. And that goes beyond just Google Maps.

While the GPS is turned on, it runs two different services Location reporting and Location history with somewhat very unclear motives. According to a Google GPS Help page, the services also can be used in conjunction with any other Google Apps, that might increase your experience.
Android GPS history
In your case if the GPS is not that important and you probably can live without them, you can easily disable these two features by going to Settings > Location > Google Location Reporting and switch it off.

Disable Google Now
Now is one of the coolest personal assistant, that gives you smart nearby Places attractions recommendations while you are traveling somewhere that Google recognizes. But the app is not Necessary for you all time.
Android Google Now

You have simple settings to disable the Google Now on your android, simply select the Google Now app, now scroll down to the very bottom of the app, than tap on the Magic Wand. From there you can simply select the cards you actually need. For example, the GPS-reliant cards will demand the most battery, so if you disable cards like Travel Time and Nearby Place can easily safe your battery life.

Disable Wi-Fi Scanning
When you uses the Wi-Fi connection you have already selected the one of your choice and saved it as your default Wi-Fi connection. Wi-Fi is one of major field that uses more energy. With the default Android settings, when you turn off your Wi-Fi it still searches for networks.
Android Wi-Fi

That will consume your battery life in background that you even don't know, you can make changes to the settings by going to Wi-Fi Settings > Advance and uncheck the option for Wi-Fi scanning.

If you do so, in future when you need to use the Wi-Fi connection than you will have to connect to Wi-Fi manually, that won't take more than few seconds but it could safe up your battery life and get a longer battery life in return.

Use Battery Tool
Still couldn't figure out how the battery is draining so quickly after making all these changes. Than you have option to take care of each apps that running and track down which apps are consuming more energy. Using the Battery tool let you know which apps uses the most battery life, so you can simply turn them off and on when needed. The top two items almost always being Screen and Wi-Fi. So if you make several changes to them can increase your battery life and gives you a boost of extra energy.

There are several other factors that causes quickly decrease of your battery energy, but if you play it safe and give extra few seconds to turn on apps manually when needed, can really boost your battery life to the next level and keep your Android device stay for a longer period.

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