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WhatApp is one of the fastest growing smartphone app on the market. Many people are switching from many different social network to WhatsApp now. This app allows you to connect with all your contacts and receive messages from them for free whenever they send it to you.

WhatsApp required a mobile number to create an account with them, for some reasons if you do not ant to share or use your phone number, you can still use WhatsApp, and send/receive messages easily.  Well to do this WhatsApp Trick, you just need to follow few steps.
Whatsapp without phone number

Easy Steps by Step guide to use WhatsApp without Mobile Number
Step 1: First, you will need to uninstall WhatsApp application from your smartphone if you already installed it. Don't worry you can still keep all your images and video files.
Step 2: Now you will need to download WhatsApp again. You can either use Google Play, iTunes or directly download it from their website.
Step 3: Now you will need to shift your smartphone mode to flight mode (block your messages). Now open up WhatsApp on your mobile and add your number to it. Now this will automatically able to send message to the app server and verify your ownership of the mobile number.
Step 4: As verification is still incomplete and message are blocked for now, WhatsApp will ask you to choose alternative method to get verified, Now choose Verify Through SMS and enter your email address. Tap or Click on the Send button and without waiting for a second just click Cancel just after you have pressed Send buttoon. This terminates the authorization process and you are not registered via your phone.
Step 5: Then you will required to spoof message. Install Spoof Text Message for Android and Fake-a-Message for iPhone. Both works with any platform versions.
Step 6: Then go to your Messages, Outbox, Copy The messages to spoofer app or Fake A Message app, send it to spoofed verification.
Step 7: Use these details in your Spoofed Messages  To: +447900347295 From: +(Country code)(your mobile number) Message: Your email address.
Step 8: Now a message will be send to that spoofed number and you can now use this number to connect with your WhatsApp friends.

That's all now you verified your number, but its not your actual number.
If you have any other great tips let us know.

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