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World's giant social media Facebook has recently acquired one of the most popular messaging app on planet WhatsApp messenger. WhatsApp is a smartphone app that let you send free messages to your friends, send images, videos, files and more to your friends. All you need to do is to add all your contacts from your phone and they required to have the app too on their phone. Not only that users are able to create different groups, use a lot of emoticons/emoji while chatting and the best thing is that, but the app is also ad-free and free for the first year to use. So, you won't get any ads on the top and use the app absolutely free for till you don't finish your first year of use. It has become one of the most popular messaging apps with over 495 million users worldwide.

If you are already using WhatsApp on your phone, that you already know that most of your friends are using it as their primary messaging app. You might feel bored while texting in your WhatsApp on phone, or like you don't have supported smartphone. However, you wish to use the app on your PC. Today, we are going to show you How to Download WhatsApp on PC and How to run it.

To install WhatsApp PC, you can go with two options:

Whatsapp PC Direct: Option 1:

Whatsapp Inc. has recently launched a new version for PC. It is available for both end users, Mac & Windows. Follow the below step to get the app for your windows or mac now.

Step 2: Follow the auto installer instruction manual to setup the app.

Step 3: Choose the directory you would like to save the app data.

Step 4: After install, register your number to get verified.

Step 5: verify your mobile number, or qcode and start using WhatsApp on pc.

Don't like to use it as a PC App, just want the same as your Android phone. You can simply follow the option 2 guideline below.

Whatsapp PC APP: Option 2:

Whatsapp on pc desktop and laptop
Step by Step Guide How to Download And Run WhatsApp On Desktop And Laptop PC

Step 1: You will required to install a free software called BlueStacks for Windows.

Bluestacks apps player

Step 2: Now complete the installation process of BlueStack on your PC it might take several minutes depended on your internet speed. If your graphics card driver is out of date you may required to update it automatically by BlueStacks.Then on the welcome screen of BlueStacks you will see showcasing of 25 Android Apps at Top Charts.

BlueStacks Home Screen

Step 3: From the top 3 big icons click on My Apps and then select App Search.

Step 4: When you click the App search button, a pop-up window will appear. On the search field simply type WhatsApp and click on the Find button. This will provide you a list of search results, choose WhatsApp Messenger.
BlueStacks Whatsapp App Search

Step 5: When you click on the WhatsApp messenger app, BlueStack software will show you the top three app stores (Amazon App Store, Google Apps, and One Mobile App Store) to download the WhatsApp. You can just simply select any of them but I will prefer Google Play.

Step 6: Now the WhatsApp application will begin to download, wait till the download is complete depended on your Internet Connection speed, it may take several minutes to download it from Google Play Store.
BlueStacks WhatsApp Download

Step 7: After completing the download, BlueStack will automatically install it. You just need to click on My Apps and select WhatsApp.
Downloading Whatsapp On PC

Step 8: On the WhatsApp welcome or loading screen, you will be required to enter your phone number, just simply select your country code and enter your mobile number.
Whatsapp on PC

Step 9: After completing the step a verification code will be sent to mobile via SMS. Simply enter the verification code on your WhatsApp and start running on your PC.

It is just as simple as that, you can also install all other Android apps using BlueStacks.
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