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Flappy bird one of the most exciting App Shore and Play Store game at the moment. This is one of the fastest growing most popular game for iPhone and become top most on every gamers mind. Well the people love to play Flappy bird to get score higher than their friends and obviously without smashing their phone to pieces in the process. The game is not that graphically well, not hard to play, even you can't compare with the latest high tech games, but still it has become number one with in a very short time. People spend several hours and just can't stop playing at all. So, if you are Flappy Bird lover you must be thinking how you will get better faster and score higher then your friends ? for some games it is simply a matter that you should find the right tips, hints and cheats. But unfortunately, Flappy Bird is so simple that there are few to no ways to hack system. But still you have option that you can hack your self.
Flappy Birds

Firstly, if you don't have the game yet you can download it.
Free Download Flappy Bird App For iOS And Android

Play On Bigger Screen 
Flappy Bird iPad

Flappy Bird is one of the exciting game and mostly people play it on iPhone but it doesn't mean that you can play it on the iPad. If you have iPad already, at 2x on the iPad, Flappy Bird is literally twice in size (much bigger than the normal smartphone screen) and that means you are not only have a great field to keep playing the game smoothly, but also an very easier way to discerning details, all the game pipes will be bigger so you can keep up your self safe on side, and oviously there will be very lest risk that your finger will obscure your view and get you in trouble.

Keep Your Way Safe
Your iPhone screen is smaller than iPad so you always have to pick a smart place to tap and stick with it. That means if you are stick on a single side do not just mess with other sides and keep playing from the site. If you are right handed, the bottom right corner will works very well for you. It is comfortable and keep you safe from obscure the oncoming pipes so you will easily see the arrangement of pipes as early as possible. Now if you are left handed, then there is a small risk of obscuring the pipes, but you will still want to stick with the bottom corner to make sure the bird stays in focus.(Some people use thin stylus instead of their finger, it is a good idea because it make it more quickly and faster then your finger so it is better to use something instead of your fingers).

Turn On Do Not Disturb
iPhone do not disturb

You might have reach to some level and your score is pretty much higher than your friends, and suddenly your phone start ringing and that going to take you out of the game. There is no feeling in the world worse than that. There may be some other things could happen on iPhone and iPad, to pop up a message, sound an alarm, or otherwise shock you into tap-tripping, pipe-smashing doom. Just do yourself a favor before you starting playing the game turn on Do Not Disturb.

There is another good option that can give you more smooth play, you can force quit all other apps and reboot before you start to play the game. Flappy Bird is as glitchy as it is annoying, and a crash is as bad a call or an alert while you are trying to beat your high score.

Maintaining Timing
The most important skill in every single game is timing. If you don't have a good timing you are not good in any game and you can't score better. Flappy Bird is also depends on timing your taps. The game is all about you have to keep the bird safe without touching the pipes. That means you have to learn how to keep it as level as possible. As you can see the bird is always coming up and going down, the simple trick is to time your taps so that amplitude of those peaks and dips are as short as possible, short enough to fit through the pipes. Tap more quickly, tap regularly can increase your tapping timing.

Now the next trick is that you have to learn how to recover rhythm quickly after you rise or fall to the right height for the pipe the more faster you do it is going to increase your score and complete the level faster. You will need to tap or even double tap up, or pause down, then get stable again but remember to keep it fast. If you are natural, curse you. If not you are going to have practice more often.

Don't Get Stress
flappy bird cheats hints high score tips

When a car is coming near you suddenly you are going to feel very stress and shout look out, Car. The same case happen on the game but it is a virtual stress and just a thought on mind Look Out Pipes.Every game cause a different physical reactions. A rush. That is why we play them often, but on the other hand it can make us crazy too. Luckily, the body do not know the difference, the same things that can keep us calm in the real world can keep us clam in the gaming world too: slow, steady, breathing, sounds silly, smooth, keep an eye on the track, i know, but there is a sreason why the best fighters, the best sharpshooters, and the best surgeons all learn to manage their breathing. It creates calm. If you can manage your breathing to the perfect level you can win at anywhere. It creates focus, it puts you in the zone, and it means that, when you start getting close to your high score or completing the level, or defeating your friends high score, you will be less likely to freak out and fly right into a pipe. Don't get too excited, keep calm your self all the time you are playing game. If you lost a life don't get angry, just keep calm and keep playing, don't be a foolish and loss another life. Do not look at your score every few seconds, it can create tensions on your mind, you are so closer just few more points.

Fly Low On Flappy Bird
If you come into the pipes on the low side and tap right before, there is a less chance of tapping too hard and crashing on the high side. If you come in middle or high and tap a bit too hard, you are crash bird. I kept crashing on the high side so switching to this technique helped me triple my score fast. So, if you keep your jumps a low and fly low you will be more safe nad would about to get more score.

If you have more exciting Tips, cheats and hints for Flappy Bird let us know, we will soon add more tips for playing the exciting Flappy Bird so stay tuned.

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