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This time Google brings us a new way advance way to call our relationships, families, friends by the terms of relationship with them instead of name. The search giant added the new feature for all Android smartphone users that they can call all their contacts by the relationships terms added on the relationship field.

This is just simple as we have described in our earlier post How to use relationships search on google voice now you must be looking for what terms you can use/add on the relationships field on your contacts that will be recognized by Google Voice. All terms might be important and will be added soon but for now Google Voice will only recognized few terms that are normally used daily and will be used to find all the contacts by these terms. So, here is the list of the terms that you can use:

List Of Relationships Terms For Google Voice Call

  • Call mom
  • Call Sister
  • Call dad
  • Call grandpa
  • Call Gandma
  • Call grandfather
  • Call grandmother
  • Call father
  • Call mother
  • Call brother
  • Call wife
  • Call Husband
  • Call girlfriend
  • Call boyfriend
  • Call nephew
  • Call cousin
  • Call niece
  • Call aunt

You can replace the call term to text term if you want to send any text messages to the contacts.

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